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Sirenclaw for Star Wars: Jedi Academy (18+)

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Sirenclaw for Star Wars: Jedi Academy (18+)

This is a port of a customized Fallout 4 Deathclaw, originally made for Source Film Maker, because why not? I rigged this to the humanoid skeleton and the wampa skeleton, so there are two versions of them that behave differently.
The humanoid version has a custom weapon that sheds blood and breaks defenses easily, while the wampa version has double health, can run on all fours, and grabs humanoids. One thing about wampa-type NPCs is that they can get killed easily by saber-type weapons. That's why I gave them double the amount of health their humanoid versions have.
This has NPCs, sounds, team skins, and bot support.


To use the NPCs, while cheats are enabled, type "npc spawn (name)", replacing (name) with any of the npc names listed below. You can also play as the NPC by typing "playermodel (name)"
Humanoid version NPCs:

  • sirenclaw    - spawns a default sirenclaw
  • sirenclaw2    - spawns a glowing sirenclaw
  • sirenclaw3    - spawns a sirenclaw matriarch
  • sirenclaw4    - spawns a savage sirenclaw
  • sirenclaw5    - spawns an albino sirenclaw
  • sirenclawblue    - spawns a blue team sirenclaw, on the good side
  • sirenclawred    - spawns a red team sirenclaw, on the enemy's side
  • sirenclaw_r    - spawns a harmless sirenclaw with 50,000 health


Wampa version NPCs:

  • sirenclaww    - spawns a default sirenclaw with wampa creature behavior
  • sirenclaww2    - spawns a glowing sirenclaw with wampa creature behavior
  • sirenclaww3    - spawns a sirenclaw matriarch with wampa creature behavior
  • sirenclaww4    - spawns a savage sirenclaw with wampa creature behavior
  • sirenclaww5    - spawns an albino sirenclaw with wampa creature behavior
  • sirenclaww_r    - spawns a harmless 50,000 health sirenclaw with wampa creature behavior


To use their "claws", enable cheats, then type "saber deathclaw deathclaw"


Details about the pk3 files:
zzzSirenclawFallout4.pk3          - Contains the model rigged to the humanoid skeleton, textures, custom weapon, sounds, effects, botfiles, and everything needed for the mod to work.
zzzSirenclawFallout4NPCs.pk3        - Optional. Contains the custom NPCs of the humanoid version that you can spawn with cheats.
zzzSirenclawFallout4Wampa.pk3        - Optional. This is the wampa version. It has the model rigged to the wampa skeleton and its NPCs, textures, and sounds.
zzzSirenclawFallout4ReplaceNPCs.pk3    - Optional. This replaces some NPCs with sirenclaws.


You can edit the NPCs and other files in the pk3 files to your liking by opening the pk3 with PakScape or 7-zip, then edit the text files in "ext_data/npcs/" folder with Notepad. You can look in assets1.pk3 in the game's base folder to see what NPCs can be replaced and how you can make your own for reference.


SFM Model by Dragon-V0942
Deathclaw and Fallout © Bethesda
Original model and sounds by Bethesda
Other sounds by Raven Software and LucasArts


 Extract the zip file, then put the pk3 file(s) you need in your base folder: "Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy/Gamedata/base"

 Make sure you also run this in OpenJK to prevent crashes. OpenJK is an overhaul that raises the limits of Jedi Academy's engine, and makes it possible to support higher-poly models. https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK


When playing as the wampa-rigged version of the sirenclaw, you'll notice weird animation. Because wampa-type models weren't meant to be controlled by the player, they lack the responses needed to make them perfectly playable. You can run around with them though.
The wampa-rigged version's claw attack after they grab someone sometimes doesn't play.


Others are free to share, modify, and/or put this in their mods, and should give credit while they're at it.

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    You need OpenJK in order for this mod to work. https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK


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