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[mod] Body type extended waifus


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Body type extended waifus

This is a simple mod that adds a "plastic device" that allows you to change the body type of your pawn to a gifted waifu.


This mod is not mine, it is only an update for 1.2 but it is compatible with versions "1.0" and "1.1"

So good the textures and the code and the textures are from their respective creators, I leave the original mods in the description.


It used as a base the mod "[RF] Body Type Extend - 体型 扩展 base" and "Busty bodys"


Link from the original mod



and the mod "busty bodys"




At the moment there are no future plans perhaps to add a recipe and research for the "plastic device"


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So I can get the device to display the body options from Body Type Extended, but not the super busty bodies from "Busty Bodies." Granted, the mod is not super compatible with RimNudeWorld, but it would be interesting to have the option to have my pawns have mega boobs without having to make them nephila maidens. 

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