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Vampire Eyes; Eyes from mods being overwritten by default

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Here's a mystery for you all!


In my installation of SSE, I have a number of mods aimed at "fixing" the awful appearance of vampires. Dynamic Vampire Appearance (DVA, an unofficial port which has so far worked perfectly), Fangs and Eyes (formerly BVFE),  Vampire Facial Reclamation SSE , Female Animations for Female Orcs (with the vampire eye fix) and finally, Normal Vampire Faces batch fix. The intended result of this suite of mods is to give all the vampires in the game a nice, normal appearance. No jagged faces, no weird scarring, and lovely red/blue/white eyes. Also fangs. In my game, however, all of the vampires still display the default yellow-orange eyes. The exception is my own character, when her default eyes are overwritten by the eyes from DVA. Curiously, the fangs from Fangs and Eyes appear on my character, but not on NPCs.  From that, you might conclude that Fangs and Eyes is the culprit. After all, that mod's whole job is to give NPCs the fangs and eyes.


But wait! Not so fast!


When I open up the showracemenu screen, I am able to scroll through the full range of eye colors included in Eyes and Fangs. If I choose one of those eyes and go back to the game, it will remain for the briefest of moments before being overwritten by the grotesque, default yellow-orange. If I go back into showracemenu, I can see that the eye color has been reverted to "0". Somehow, something is forcing the vampire eyes back to the default setting. Somehow, the NPC updates from Fangs and Eyes aren't being applied.


I did the obvious thing: I manually set the Fangs and Eyes mod to load after nearly everything else in my load order. Certainly after every mod which affects appearances in any way. Yet the problem persists...


Next, I took a look at what each of these mods does by taking a peek at the "open in File Manager" option in Vortex. Here are the results:


Normal Vampire Faces: This can't be the culprit. It only includes four texture files, none of which are for eyes.


Vampire Facial Reclamation: Ditto. It only contains meshes, and none of them are for the eyes!


Orc Female Animations: I was skeptical, but I checked it out. It has no mesh or texture files; just an .esp. I disabled it and loaded my game to see if that fixed anything, and shockingly... it did not fix the problem.


Dynamic Vampire Appearance: This file contained all kinds of files. Particularly, eye textures. However, running the game with DVA disabled did not fix the problem.


In summary, only DVA and Fangs and Eyes even contained eye textures, and yeeting DVA didn't fix shit. My next step took me into SSEEdit. I loaded up every single mod I have and took gander at Fangs and Eyes. I didn't see any obvious conflicts with other mods. Admittedly, I'm not experienced with SSEEdit, but I have used it to find mod conflicts before. The fact that the eyes actively revert after choosing new ones in showracemenu makes me think that there might be a script interfering, but only DVA uses a script to change the vampire's appearance (and it only works on the PC, as far as I know). Maybe its vanilla behavior for vampire's to be unable to change certain sliders in showracemenu, but if that's the case why would I even be able to see the new eyes from Eyes and Fangs? Why wouldn't the NPCs have the eyes and fangs from that mod?


My last hope, quickly squashed, was to install a different version of Eyes and Fangs. The problem remained with the alternate version, of course. I am well and truly stumped, and also pretty heckin' annoyed by this whole affair. I want my cute nord to become a pretty vampire, and I want her vampire lovers to be just as pretty. This bug, if it is a bug, is bullshit. I am completely open to ideas.



Following a tip from the comments for Fangs and Eyes on the nexus, I found this video, which demonstrates a band-aid solution for the Player's eyes reverting back to the ugly yellow-orange color. It involves overwriting the texture sets and headparts from Dawnguard.esm with ones from Fangs and Eyes. This only helps the player, and only partially. I still can't choose new eyes in showracemenu. I also summoned a couple of vampire NPCs to check on them after making those changes, and they were still stuck with the default eyes. And of course, they still didn't have fangs.


This didn't solve the root problem, but I think it might be an important clue!


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20 minutes ago, Michele Magus said:

Oddly enough there is an FList pointer for eyes in the race entries for each character.

I used Vampire eye unlocker to eliminate this problem.

When using custom races, it does not hurt to fix them in here as well using xEdit.

I tried installing that, but sadly it didn't stop the eyes from snapping back to the default after leaving the racemenu. ><;


Even more sadly, even if that worked it still wouldn't account for the fact that NPC vampires aren't seeing any of the changes from Fangs and Eyes.

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