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There's a strange new disease plaguing the Commonwealth. People become crazy and violent for no reason, wearing mouth coverings and gas masks seems to be the only protection. Could this fear for an invisible enemy be worse than rad poisoning? Doctor Bill from the institute is working on a safe and effective stimpak to cure them all. However some people believe his syringe contains something else and some rebels believe there's a dark agenda behind it. Everyone must pay bottlecaps as contribution to finance his research, meanwhile his company Macrosoft is taking over everything. His cult followers will kill you on sight if you cough or sneeze, refusing his stimpak is not an option. Always wear mouth coverings, stay inside or become feral at your own peril.


Macrosoft was a pre-War computing company, producing a vast range of software and operating systems like:


  • Fenestra '98
  • Macrosoft spreadsheets
  • Winblows 57
  • Wyndoze 99


Still a work in progress... only texture replacers at the moment for immersion.


This mod was banned by the Nexus Nazis, so this will be a Lovers Lab exclusive!

Don't upload anywhere else and wash your hands after playing.



Recommended Mods


Windows Terminal

Syringer Overhaul

Paint it Vax!


Updates coming soon, stay safe!

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    Windows, Game Pass, Mask and Hand Sanitizer


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This is nearly perfect....if you need any sorts of "masks"- or other hospital-assets to round this up wisely, let me know.


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Hell yeah! It would be so immersive if NPCs wore "masks" all the time. I somehow have to figure out how to make factions aggressive if you don't wear a mask, and attack you when you cough or sneeze. Hand sanitizers and breathing apparatus would also be most welcome. I probably make control posts and emergency tents later on. Currently I'm busy to add all the propaganda warnings to the Commonwealth and replace textures for more immersion.

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I wonder is if  this virus will magically reduce the number of cancer and other normally non "virus" deaths in the statistics. 

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11 hours ago, ZI0MATRIX said:

I wonder is if  this virus will magically reduce the number of cancer and other normally non "virus" deaths in the statistics. 


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