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Questions about the Fnis Creature pack and the Creature Framework

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Hello, I am Korean and I am currently using version Le for personal reasons.
I installed the Creature pack in Nexus because it indicated that the Creature pack was not installed when I ran Fnis.

1. In my Skylim 'LE' version, the sl animation says 'There should be a 5.0 version' but the download is version 7.6. Is it compatible?


2. Is the Creature Pack different from the Creature Framework? Do I have to have both a framework and a pack to watch the Creature sex motion?

I'd appreciate your reply.

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As for the Question with the version i can't help much for LE but you will need the Framework and the Requirements, Animal Sos ect, ect... If you want to have Sex Animations for them.


For SE Users: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3038?tab=files

Kindly just read the whole Download Section. Quck Google Search helps also with many problems. Took me 3 Seconds to find it when i was installing my Game.


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