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Iragon - An Erotic RPG Game [Playable both in VR & non-VR]


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Check us out on IndieGoGo and consider supporting our campaign.



About the Game:


We’ve been making VR games for three years now. When we finished our previous project, the question came up. What if we could bring what we love most about fantasy anime to a fully interactive VR experience?


I think the best way for us to explain this game is to tell you how we came up with this idea.
Everybody who works at repulse loves fantasy anime, we are huge fans of shows like Attack
on Titan and Full Metal Alchemist. And we also like to play visual novels especially the ones with erotic and lesbian content.


When we finished our last virtual reality game, we asked ourselves: What if we could combine
the elements we love most about anime and visual novels in a full interactive VR experience.
And that is exactly what Iragon is about.


You play the game as Darick, a poor kid from a small village. Everything for him changes when
he meets Erika, a bisexual girl who gets ambushed by soldiers of the Empire.
To help her, you must learn to use your magic, but on your quest to bring her home
safe you will have to journey into a dangerous frozen world. Along the way, you will
battle enemy soldiers, undead skeletons, and perhaps cross paths with seductive creatures
of the frozen land while you unlock new erotic adventures with the beautiful Erika.


So this is ultimately a game about living out a high fantasy adventure, with a strong emphasis
on putting the player in control. The game is meant to be experienced in VR, but we dedicated
an equal amount of care in delivering a standard version that will work for players who do not
have a VR headset.








Developer Notes:



      Whether you play in VR or not, you can expect of us to deliver:

  • A beautiful love interest
  • Interactive sexual experiences
  • Different outfits for the love interest
  • Voice acting
  • Motion captured animations
  • A dynamic combat system that features both magic and melee
  • Destructible environments
  • A dialogue choice system that influences the response you get



Be the hero, live the story, and go on an adventure of a lifetime while you immerse yourself fully in the world of Iragon, with a complete animated story and full voice acted cast. (skip
options also available for those who prefer to just get on with slaying witches and laying bitches.)


And yes, of course, this is not just a story you watch it is a game. Battle enemies, cast spells, collect loot, upgrade, interact with NPC's, go on quests. It has everything you would
expect from a fantasy RPG game.


There are many more features that we plan on adding and a lot more story that needs to be implemented. However, we want our description and tags to reflect what we currently have implemented in the game. So expect the description to change over time and features like multiple love interests, lesbians, and many more sex scenes to be added in the future.





1. Extract VR or Non-VR build (depending on what you want to play).
2. Run the Iragon.bat file.
3. Enjoy!



Download Builds:

We upload new versions of the game every week.

This link will always start a download for the latest uploaded builds!

Both VR and Non-VR Builds: Download




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  • 1 month later...

so i downloaded it a few days ago and today wanted to play it and couldnt. instead i have to download the latest version.

can't you atleast let me play it while i download the latest version?

maybe my net is slower than yours and what if your next update is before i get a chance at trying out this one? i'll be in a constant loop of downloading updates instead of ever playing an outdated version, but atleast playing it.


downloading 3,7GB was faster than expected.


my char got stuck between a hilside and a wall where every sentient being would be able to just walk out of.

late ri got stuck inside a barrel and couldn't smash it with my axe - had to use fireball to get out.

was it intentional that i got april right after the camp and get told to go to camp and interact with her, which i did (i went back to the camp right away) and then she has nothing to interact, except looking at her?


the sex scenes would really be better if one could move the view. i guess you keep that for the VR players.

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