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Must have and useful follower mods

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Figured I'd post up a few more of my favorites.


Just because I can, the previously mentioned Scarlet (drool)...







Then there's Xevaria (minus the horns, which I took out). The same mod contains Dallas, who is also extremely hot. Haven't found her in my current game since I ran my code to move all my followers around.







Xevaria is a bit of a bully and likes to pick on my other followers.







Xevaria's Victim, Khinara Jade. Can't stand face tattoos, so I removed it.







Finally, another hottie who is not available on the Nexus, Ella. I think I originally got her from the Steam Workshop in the dim and distant past, and she has been converted to SE along with some better skin textures.






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I use Interesting INPC with its Apperance Overhaul. The Mod in itself is not a Follower Mod but it adds a bunch of it to your game and they all have custom Dialogue. Some more, some less of course but you get a ton of Followers with 2 ESP. And the Quests it adds as a Cherry on top of it.

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If one counts mods which affect followers to make them more useful, then there is Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim which can turn all of those beefcake beaus and muscle maidens/metal clad models into a legion of werewolves at one's beck and call. One could even make Uthgerd into one to make up for her flunking the entrance exam to become a Companion. 

Vampire Lord Serana allows Serana to tap into her true potential the way that she was probably always meant to regardless of whatever aesthetic mods are in play. She could be a tiny oh-so Moe Waifu, an Amazon or Blackula (or would it be Blackulina since Draculina is the feminized diminutive of Dracula?) and she'll go beast mode on command all the same. 


If one could use a laugh, then Roderick Redbeard could help one out. If one needs a savior, then Jesus will help one out in one's time of need. Also, remember to use the save feature in the menu. Jesus saves those who remember to save often. 


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Since it does not seem to be clearly laid out in a link (if it is there, it is well hidden behind a spoiler tag), I will recommend Interesting NPCs, the combination quest mod, follower mod and partial overhaul which add many different characters to the setting, most of whom are all written in such a way as to seem as if they should have been there all along. The few exception are very much intended to stick out (such as the raised skeleton who learned to speak from listening to random NPC conversations).

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