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Arrok's SexLab Animations & Resource for Modders (Updated 11/28/2014)

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where do i place the hdt dll files?


Skyrim/ Data/ SKSE/ Plugins

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Sooo uh...how is this coming along? Haven't heard anything from you in a while...


Yea I did most of this work when I was unemployed lol. I hardly have the massive amounts of time required to animate. I know theres a ton of content I finished, but never uploaded. I'll have to look through my external hard drives to find the old files. They probably still need to be exported to hkx though. I dont have 3dsmax 2011 installed anymore, I have 2017. I'm not sure if 2017 can support havok export tools for a game released in 2010.  There are ways around it though. If they're too annoying ill just reinstall 2011 if I can find it.

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