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Didn't really know how to title this, but what im looking for is a mod that will have NPC's of the opposite sex will approach you. This NPC, either through enough fame or arousal, will either confess some form of love or will just want to get nasty. You saying no can either have zero affect on the NPC, or have them stalk, follow, or try to assault you. basically creepy fangirl following dragonborn cause she doen't know what the word no means.

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5 hours ago, willwhitt56 said:


that will in some capacity be part of my mod "relationship dialogue system"

I want to put approaches of different kinds in it, from direct sex requests, to invites to drink to decent courtship.

But it will take me some time to get to that part, since I'm currently working on other content coming before it.

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On 9/12/2020 at 10:47 AM, PG333 said:

Surprised not to see it mentionned here :

Maybe that's what you're looking for ?

there's a version of this "for him"



have no idea if it works fine i just found it and thought you'd wanna check it out


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