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mod to "morrowindize" default dialog

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Hello everyone. I posted this question on reddit and only the awesome Cliffworms replied to me, so I'm reposting this here in hopes of having my question answered (made an account just for this). If you are reading this post, thank you.

I was wandering if it would be possible to remove voiced dialogue altogether, mainly to return to a wiki-based morrowind-style dialogue.

This can already be partially achieved by using this Mod and this one. The first adds a morrowind-like "dialogue box" next to the classic conversation interface that records NPC lines, the second mutes all dialog except for external conversations and greetings.

The main problem is that, when selecting an option, the interface disappears in order to let the NPC talk.

My question is: could this "interruption" be removed so that the dialogue interface is maintained throughout voice lines? If so, how could it be done? I have absolutely no modding skills, and I wanted to know if it could be done. Hell, I'd settle for basic CS instructions on how to do it if nothing 😁

Thank you in advance!

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