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[mod] Pharonic Culture

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Pharonic Culture

This is a mod that as a Nekomimi Culture inspired by ancient Egypt's Pharaohs and some of my own madness.  


It has 4 Decisions, Two of which can see upon loading one for convert your current realm to the Pharonic holdings and and your government to the Pharonic government. the holdings are the Pharonic Fortress which replaces the castle, and the Golden city which replaces the city. the government is just a changed version of the standard Feudal with the ability to hold temples out the gate.


The culture has a name list with some names form anime and otherwise mostly ancient Egyptian names or at least approximations of them, also some FF14 names thrown in for variety, uses the Indian cloths and western map graphics and the Han COA as you dont see those a huge amount in most of the map right now.


The culture and holdings are MAA focuses and has about 9 unique MAA covering almost every niche as well as some buildings boosting you MAA slots, and in the future as more building come out more levy penalties will be added to force the player to use MAA. Compensation for that you have a fairly strong economy with better gold producing buildings over vanilla.


It also has a full lifestyle tree which is boosted by having the Nekomimi trait.


Nekomimi trait gives 1 steward and 2 diplo and 25% fertility.


Not the decisions for holding conversion do not effect Tribals and Pharonic cannot hold tribes, if you wish to start as a tribe do so and only convert once you have Feudal holdings.



Events just in general

New custom traits for the Lifestyle tree

Get better art

More buildings specially regular ones (Priority right now)

Replace the temple holding

Balancing and tying into the carnalitas framework



AmishCyborg for the cat ears

Triskelia for the icons


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14 hours ago, stalindlrp said:

@A_guy_with_the_plan should be fixed in latest version issue was i was using the hardcoded file path.


@Hamakabula its a culture pack, its not one steam because it has drug plantations and hucow farms. plus i have plans in the future around events that wont be steam safe.

A feature list would be very cool, as well as some screenshots to get more people interested

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Both are in the works but what is written is what is currently in, the next update will be fairly large and I will be doing an update to the description and images then. Tbh I prolly should have waited before I posted as while it has a fair bit of content, none of it is super visible overall.


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21 minutes ago, stalindlrp said:

yeah, sorry I fat fingered the delete key when I cleaned up the gov and removed the wrong holding from the gov. Fix will be rolling out later today.

Just making sure you are aware, keep at the mod it could easily be a very good one

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Yeah, I am thinking on what tenets I plan to use atm. But its still to early for me to put it on the feature list. getting the 2 main holdings need to be finished first. feedback on those is appreciated though it would help me finish them faster, particularly any gaps in the range.


I have done the 3 stat boosters for MAA.

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I have noticed that special buildings, such as the mine in bohemia in the 1066 start, don't actually work with this mod's government, as it doesn't recognize the building as a valid one. I expect that other specialty buildings and mines in the base game also wouldn't function, since the towns/castles are replaced with the golden city ones.

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