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Cheri Song

[Mod Announcement] Carnalitas - CK3 Sex Framework

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12 hours ago, Sylen said:

Just here to share some ideas or share stuff that can seed inspiration.


Nice ideas, but hopefully out of scope for a framework like this.

2 hours ago, DaMan1 said:

So you have choosen to take the strings in to your hands before anyone could start something. Clever! You shall rule all over ck3 adult modding!!

Until somebody marries into their dynasty and they suffer from an... unfortunate accident.

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7 minutes ago, RobinRobot said:

Maybe it should be represented in a more abstract way, so it blends with other ck3 traits.

One idea that comes to mind would be a pair of apples/oranges for the first one, pineapples for mid and melons for the third one. Gives fairly obvious idea on what it is about without being an actual pair of boobs. Would also fit the same theme with beauty traits.

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On 9/6/2020 at 12:28 AM, Sinus said:

I was bored... so I made a (somewhat style-fitting) big boobs icon for SirCarcass mod above and an empty congenital base version (if someone wants to mess with other traits).


the big_boobs.dds should go into your mod folder > .../gfx/interace/icons/traits/


big_boobs_and_congenital_base_dds_files.7z 39.19 kB · 23 downloads

Though all that does sound fun, we do already have this.

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On 9/10/2020 at 6:36 AM, TheDarkMaster said:

The futa congenial traits should probably have carrier variants for male characters as well.  So the trait can be kept in the family without needing to have an unbroken line of female characters.

This is how it already works.


19 hours ago, TheHentaiGod14 said:

This may seem like a stupid question but will you still be working on the tentacled dreams mod?


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My wife in game miscarried after using the lay with lover option. Is this really a chance, despite being essentially impossible in real life? I found


"show_as_tooltip = {
                    carn_had_sex_with_effect = {
                        CHARACTER_1 = scope:actor
                        CHARACTER_2 = scope:recipient
                        PREGNANCY_CHANCE = pregnancy_chance
                        DRAMA = yes"


and wonder if this is the cause. As a lewd mod framework ,to have a chance of miscarriage every time is a bit much. Then again, this quote might mean something else and it was just chance. 

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error report:

[pdx_parser_helpers.h:34]: Error: "Unexpected token: is_ai, near line: 8" in file: "events/carn_arousal_events.txt" near line: 8


I don't see any pre-trigger usage like in CK2, just put "is_ai = no" in trigger block.

CK3 use many scripted_trigger block in event files, does that serve as local trigger?

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