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[Idea & Need Help] Tavern Wench Mod

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I have a mod idea but I'm no good at coding. So I just want to describe my idea and perhaps someone can tell me where I can get help, or, if I hire someone how much approximately this would cost. 


This would be similar to prostitution mod and Horrible Harassment mod in some aspects.




First, in MCM you can set [Beauty] and [Sexiness] values through 2 sliders (1 to 100).


Where you walk around, males within 5 meter may turn and look at you with a horny grin (chance based on Beauty value) and they may also do sexy whistles (chance based on Sexiness value).


When you go to taverns, you can talk to the owner to start working as tavern wench, in which once the dialogue ends your character will be holding a plate with mugs on it. All males in tavern will have a chance every minute or two to ask you to serve by whistle and wave to you (chance and frequency are based on your [Beauty] and [Sexiness] values, and is configurable in MCM). If you are within 1 meter near someone the chance will be increased for that person.


You serve them by simply talk, in which 2 dialogue options will appear: [*Serve the drink normally.] and [*Serve the drink seductively.]. If you serve seductively there's more chance to get tips but also more chance for sexual harassment to occur. If you serve normally there's still chance for tips and harassment but much less.


When sexual harassment happens the dialogue ends and a sex scene is triggered, except the characters have their cloths on and the animations are chosen from a list of animations that has "harassment" in their tags.


Once the harassment ends 2 things can happen: the male will give you extra tip and you go back to serving, or the male will initiate a dialogue to ask for sex which you can refuse (no tip) or accept (big tip).


When you're done serving, talk to the owner and you'll get a small amount of gold. The dialogue option to do tavern wench job will disappear for 24 in-game hours (configurable in MCM).




Thank you.

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I'm not much for coding yet, but have been around the forums for a while now. Now I know the mod "Radiant Prostitution" (created by mainfct and korialstraszbob, the picked up by WraithSlayer, now being worked on by

-Caden- @ 

This mod allows you to work in a tavern with a couple options, primarily your PC recieves an Outfit that is visually identical to the one used by the Tavern wrenches in the Immersive Wenches mod found on the nexus mods site. 

(This mod is compatible with Immersive Wenches as their outfit is flagged to not add them to Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo NPCs so that only vanilla NPCs that wear the Tavern Wench outfit by default are also handled by RP/G.) 


Despite its name RP/G allows you to just serve tavern patron conventionally by bringing them requested food/drinks (I personally would like to see this expanded on by way of you receiving the items required to prepare the requested meals and being "punished" or harassed by the patron if you messed their order up). I believe that patrons have a chance to harass the PC on a scale from mildly to severely. 


The PC can also choose to offer (or be requested by) patrons more sexual services in exchange for coin. This has an already expansive system complete with its own leveling system with unlocks various quests and increases the amount of coin recieved (lots of settings in MCM). 


You can even ask the barkeep for a special sanctified amulet that you can give to NPCs to mark them as an actor for scene scheduling through RP/G. You can also set outfits as "Working Outfits" so that anyone wearing these outfits are included as actors for RP/G. 


So unfortunately as I can't currently help with creating the mod idea you have atleast I may have provided a link to a mod that might serve as a temporary if viable option until the mod idea you have is picked up. 

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