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[mod] [CK3] Nudity Laws

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14 minutes ago, kanne28 said:

The launcher says that this does not work with the game's current version (1.0.3). Can anyone confirm if they have any issues with it?

The early updates aren't going to matter. The compatibility warning is literally just a check for a number in the file. Getting rid of it would just be a case of making it say it's compatible with 1.0.3 instead of saying 1.0.2. It still works, because nothing in the update changed what this mod does.

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10 hours ago, Siudhne said:

Scrap that, I'm stupid, it doesn't actually work. Must have gotten a bit carried away there because it does 100% work like this for stuff like hunt_random_pulse, letting you add new hunting events without copy&pasting the other events. Now just to figure out why those are handled differently...


Yee I think they said in one dev diary something about this.

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currently female nudity is the default. In my game, EVERY religion that was reformed automaticly had this. How could i set a different default?


edit: figured it out


Just change the order of the laws in the file. Game reads it top to bottom.

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thank you so much for this mod! I made the simp_chinese translation file for your mod. I use it myself and I'm glad to share it. Should you ok with it, feel free to add my translation file in your mod.


BTW, the current game version is 1.0.3 and it says I can only run your mod under 1.0.2. Would you please update the mod to keep it compatible with 1.0.3? Thank you!


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5 hours ago, rbnc said:

Hi! Nudity in this mod means complete nudity or like Adamites (with leaf)?

This mod allows you to choose who should be nudist in your custom religion, or by using console commands on already existing religions. This mod doesn't change the texture, and it will be the standard nude body with a leaf.

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3 hours ago, RichterQ87 said:

Doesn't seem to work. Like people have said, I can set the law but nobody actually undresses, regardless of age. I have it on the bottom of my load order so it's not a compatibility issue. 

Carnalitas V1.2 conflict with this mod.


V1.1.1 works fine.

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On 10/2/2020 at 3:04 AM, sfsafasfdsadafds said:

According to the changelog of Carnalitas the newest version available on gitHub fixed the incompatability between their mod and this one. Just have to download it here: https://github.com/cherisong/Carnalitas/releases or wait until someone updated the thread of that mod on this site.



Just download Carnalitas V1.2.2 and this mod works again!

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