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How to match darker face color with the skin texture using Paint.net or similar software ?

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29 minutes ago, vilkws said:

Thanks :classic_smile:


Are you using different a different textures set for body than you are for the head?

If so, why?


Provide a screen shot of what your issue is with some information about character in the image


What Race

if NPC, which one?

What bodytype and textures mods you use.


Unless you are using different texture files for head and body then Paint.net, GIMP or PS aren't going to help you.

If you are then... I'm lost for words.


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15 hours ago, vilkws said:

Thanks :classic_smile:


I have to agree with Mez as to ask why you are using a different head texture than the body, but whatever...


I can only assume that Paint.net utilizes "layers".  Several ways to do this, but...   Load the head texture image.  Now load the body image.  "Lasso" the neck area of the body and copy it as a new layer on top of the head and place it at the bottom of the head image (neck).


Now, you'll need to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc. to match up the neck sample to the neck area of the head. Sometimes it not easy and may take some time. When you get it close, turn "off" the neck sample and save the head texture.


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There are many solutions to this problem. (follower)
1. Do you want your body to match your head?
This is probably almost impossible to get well, would not recommend anyone to even try.

2. Do you want your head to match your body?
2. Open

Open the file in nifscope and edit BSFadeNode > NiNode Head > NiTriShape > BSLightingShadeProperty > BSShaderTextureSet


[your texture folder] the head texture that will work with the body texture


\textures\your texture folder\FemaleHead.dds

\textures\your texture folder\FemaleHead_msn.dds

\textures\your texture folder\FemaleHead_sk.dds

\textures\your texture folder\BlankDetailmap.dds - important, if not used it can give you a black face

\textures\your texture folder\FemaleHead_S.dds


Now to the tricky part, if this file is using a non transparent skin.

You can remove the bottom part in paint, the face will now fade to the body skin.

Or download a transparent facetint



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