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Immortal Blood

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Being a serious book addict, i read this book mentioned above, while sneaking (yet again), in Alva's house during Laid to Rest quest, and for once, really felt interested in a vampire hunter's life. Don't know why people are so crazy over Serana, a vampire. Then again, i haven't seen her even once in-game so i can't be sure what makes her so different from the rest of bloodsuckers. I don't like Isran's attitude. However, i feel its natural to feel repulsed from vampires since 99.9% of them are pure evils who attack just about anyone taking a nice, quiet stroll in some remote area. At least that's how it has always been for me, and now i must pay. them. back.


The Alternate start Mod has a Dawnguard quest line, but i want alternate vampire enhancement+hunting mods, where i get to lead the team and not the other way around.


Any options ?

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21 hours ago, donttouchmethere said:

For Vampire Hunter Equipment I like this mod: GLENMORIL

Then again I'm not sure what you exactly searching for.


Do you want to play a vampire that hunts vampires like:


To be precise, an aggessive Leader of Vampy hunters~



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