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Player Slave Encounters (Updated Oct 18)

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In LoversTrueCrimeEX you can chop off bandits heads and collect the bounty.

That's why you should not use the Mod when you play DarkBloodlines. DarkBloodlines is a extended version of TrueCrimeEX.

TrueCrime only add new Bandits on roads, Prisoners in all prisons who rape the player when in prison   and the ability to collect heads.

DarkBloodline adds a Quest and a guild to hunt bandits. ( Not sure if there is also prison sex, I played DarkBloodlines only an hour, too much conflicts with the Mods I use )

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Yes, DarkBloodlines has prison sex just like LoversTrueCrimeEX. It also places prostitutes with custom races outside inns and taverns in the major cities.  But since DarkBloodlines needed to be translated into English from its original language, I would suggest that  LoversTrueCrimeEX  was created by removing the quest-line content from DarkBloodlines.  I am not sure LoversTrueCrimeEx has prostitution.


There are plenty of mods that conflict one another.  Be mindful of LoversCrowningIsles (female only Prostitution and Humiliation) and LoversSituations (female only Blackmail and Humiliation) as they too could cause conflicts with Player Slave Encounters.   The bondage shackled feature from Player Slave Encounters is mimicked within these two mods.

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LoversSituation ? female only blackmail and Humiliation ? There are only a few quests/dialogues with gender check.

Think you talk about LoversGGBlackmail ?

But LoversSituation conflict with many Mods because it use many vanilla NPCs.


Galga's Mods always use own folders, so no animations will be overwritten. But of course every animation Mods will conflict. If you shackled, dance, or pose  the amimation will be overwritten when Darkbloodlines shackle you. But that's a "problem/conflict" all Mods have.

Darkbloodlines does not detect LoversGGBlackmail enslave, so it will enslave the player and overwrite the animations.. Two different systems.

Like Sexlivion and Lovers, both mods does not detect sex from the other mod.



Yes LoversTrueCrime does not add prostitutes.


And True crime is the older Mod.

Started with TrueCrime, then TrueCrimeEX and then DarkBloodlines,  all by Odem.



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So random question, I've done most of the quests in this mod a few times, and am now running the game with other mods that are most likely incompatible with the quest portion of this mod. All I really want from it in this playthrough is the enslavement mechanics though, is there a way to install this without the added quests and locations so when I'm defeated I can still be enslaved and it doesn't break the current quests I'm running? (Specifically a different Hackdirt mod, but I don't really trust any of the other quests to work properly on my current game set up either) Either way I appreciate the work done on this mod it's hands down my most used Lover's mod

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Being 'enslaves' is a quest in itself.  The game needs to know about the enslavers, the NPC(s) who will be your owner, the AI of how they handle you when you are owned, and other possibilities like owner-to-owner sales, escape, punishment and so forth.


Between PSE and the others Fejeena and I named, PSE handles most of those options.  I will not bandy about which of the mods came first and which ripped the enslavement/shackled system from which, but PSE's system is the most comprehensive and complete.  Unfortunately, it would take quite a bit of work to rip such a detailed piece of work.  I mean... Sure, there's enslavement in CrowningIsles, but highly scripted events with zero escape chance. And likewise for the .... parties... you attend in  LoversGGBlackmail.


Mind you, PSE has a ""Player Slave Settings" spell that you can use which would disable various aspects of the game, and thus make certain built-in quests inactive.

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Fair enough and about the answer I expected more or less! Honestly, I've gone and read the readme to the other hackdirt quest mod I was using and I think maybe they wouldn't break each other as much as I'd expected, I'll probably give it a try and see what happens in my next playthrough. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question, even though it was kind of a dumb one and I kind of knew the answer before I asked!

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