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Player randomly starts having sex

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Okay, this is absolutely driving me nuts. My player character will randomly start sex with someone nearby, most often in the middle of conversation (so it usually happens when e.g. socializing in Diamond City, not when randomly roaming the wasteland) and often (but not always) with the person I'm talking to, commonly accompanied with the text box "<player> is doing something with <npc>". Sometimes it happens all the time, sometimes hours go by without it happening, so the bug is kind of a bitch to pin down. None of the logs in my games\fallout4\logs\ or AAF debug mode seem to tell anything worthwhile, such as what mod is initiating the sex scenes.


The only AAF mods I have installed are all the mods in this list, in that order, and on top of that M.C.G and Family Planning Enhanced. The problem persists even after disabling and uninstalling those, and I also had the same problem on an old, messy-beyond-belief-game but WITHOUT M.C.G, so I doubt that mod is responsible.


AAF gives a bunch of errors about some animation lengths being below the minimum required, and a couple of overlay sets missing, but that's it. Everything seems to work perfectly, it's just... this... goddamn... random sex!!!


Has anyone had the same problem, or know what the heck could be causing this?


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Howdy, I also have the problem of the overly promiscuous character.  She'll stop in mid-conversation to bang a passer-by, let Dogmeat hump her whilst traversing a dungeon hallway; once she even banged a bandit after killing him, humping the air over his ragdoll-ed corpse.  There's no rhyme or reason to it.


I've got a few AAF mods, the only ones that initiate scenes are Violate, Hardship, and Raider Pet.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled each of them separately, and the problem persists.  Given that the randomness of the fuckin' doesn't match any of their animation triggering criteria, I don't think they're at fault.  Although my Sex Attributes seems to treat the scenes as rape, given that they add Trauma.  Not sure what that means.  This bug even broke a Violate scene by interrupting a Violate gangbang which was working perfectly, interjecting the random animation (overt because of the short animation length) which then derailed the rest of the Violate scene by breaking the script.  Apparently.


Checking the AAF wizard gives me the same errors about animation lengths being below minimum required, and that thing about the overlay sets missing, which is the only time I've seen that message.  Since my overlays work just fine, I'm not sure what that's about.


I can only conclude it's something in AAF itself.  I came on to the forums to see if anyone else was having the problem, and I've seen a post or two that tells me this isn't an isolated incident, even if it isn't a widespread one, but I have found no answers.  I'm going to try reinstalling AAF from the ground up and see if that solves it.

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Okie-dokie, so an update to anyone else having this problem: I fully uninstalled, deleted, and reinstalled AAF and all associated mods and animation packs from the ground up.  Followed that handy-dandy guide by Saya_Scarlett, like you do, to the letter.  Started a new game, tested it out.


Since the rando-banging bug consistently broke Violate's gangbangs, triggering one seemed a fine way to test whether or not the bug survived the cleansing.  I tested 'em four times, with and without companions, and the scenes played out without a hitch.  The bug seems to be gone.  Knock wood, fingers crossed.


So I have no idea what caused this bug or why it happened, but pulling AAF's guts out and reinstalling seemed to fix it.  So give that a try, anyone else affected.

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5 hours ago, EgoBallistic said:

Were you by any chance hitting the F11 key?  That will cause AAF to start a random scene.  Some other mods also use that key, so it's possible to trigger it by accident while trying to trigger something from another mod.

Hmm, by chance I was!  That's my screenshot key, and I do take screenshots both randomly and during naughty scenes, which explains the problem completely.  I changed my key-binding and went in game, and sure enough, F11 was the culprit.  Thank you!  You've saved me from pulling out what's left of my hair.  Much appreciated!

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Simple explanation I found, maybe helpful for others: Default key for EXP-explorer is F-10. Problem there is that there's a typo in the .ini-file:



The hotkey used to open ESP Explorer can be adjusted using ESPExplorer.ini, in the HotKey = 0x79 line. Note the Microsoft URL showing other key codes that you can use here if desired. If you dig enough, yes, you can find codes for controllers. I'm sorry but no, I won't find these for you.


So you delete the 0X79 and replace with one of your choice. He says he used 0X79, but actually the .ini  says 9X7A on that area, and that's [F11] - result is instant sexytime every time you open ESP-explorer.

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