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"What mod is this?" and Adult requests

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16 hours ago, BlackRaven said:

Thanks! I'll go through em and see if I find anything interesting.

Greetings ... maybe here ...



Take care of you  ( Soyez prudent , sortez couvert  ... c'est plus d'actualité que jamais ... ;°)  )


CTAddPose SPB 03.7z

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I goggled version 3 and didn't even found a dead link or talking about a version 3.




Only a quick esp check. Yes there is  pose with name  "Rose" and another with "Bikini" . Should be the right version.

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Does anyone know where I could download "Goranga's Dating System" mod? It's currently hidden on Nexusmods.

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Anyone know where I could find the armors/clothes in these screenshots? The armor the second blonde woman is wearing is named “S&B Light 1” in the inventory.


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