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Hey Guys!


TAG is a silly little game(demo) I made to teach myself a little game design. TAG is a first person adventure about you the player crashing your space ship on an alien planet inhabited by a sexy alien race determined to get their mitts on their rarest commodity. MEN! Can you find a way to repair your ship or are you destined to spend your final days at their mercy?



-Extract Zip file and run .exe



A couple of things to know,

-this game does not contain and actual sex(yet?), but does contain nudity.

-I'll update this project as I find better ways to do things and create more content.

-I've never made a game like this before and I'm just doing the best I can. I'll get better, I promise


Now lets see where this whole thing goes,

Hope you like it!


get it here



















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1 hour ago, Ascend the Apprenticeship said:

Fun demo! Only concern i have is that the camera movement is a tad slow. I normally use 800 dpi but i had to raise my mouse to 3200. Great job on your second project!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! 

I'll work on adding a mouse sensitivity option in the next few days.

Thanks for the great feedback

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Hey Everyone!

First and foremost thank you all for such awesome feedback. It was really nerve racking for me to release this since I didn't know how it would be received, but this community is really inspiring and just makes me want to work harder!

A couple of things that I'm working on.

I am aware that there are some bugs to work out so I'll prioritize with these 1st.
-no audio or visual cue when taking damage - There is both a grunt and a camera shake on my end so I'll need to figure out why it's not working for anyone else
-Collisions on objects not working - Again, fine on my end so I'll get it fixed
-Motion Blur - I create an option to turn this on and off but I think most of the problem comes from a low FPS when lots of grass is in the scene so I'll optimize this as well

I'm also working on these things but I need to learn more in the process
-A new AI and combat system. I really want to polish this and just make it feel better. Some dodging, blocking
-Cloth physics
-A save system or check points
-A full options menu
And I'm also porting this to a better optimized version of Unity so we can have fun things like shaders, so stuff like the water (which looks like ass) can look like water

But again, thank you all so much for participating. You've definitely answered the question of whether or not to continue and I cant relay how awesome that truly feels

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Just put out an update!
Hopefully a bunch of things you wanted were fixed.

Still working on a save system, but for now you respawn back at the beginning when defeated, but don't lose any progress.

Check out here to see the other changes and there's still more to come

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Hey Everyone!
So, I know it's been a while but I've been tinkering with the game. Well more like tearing it down to the foundation setting off some dynamite and rebuilding. I started with just wanting to improve upon the combat system but then one thing led to another and...
Lets call it a a whole new re-imagining of the game. I'm still working on a few things, but 1.1.0 should be released in the next few days (please, no more big hiccups)
Here are a few of the things to expect
-Redesigned map
-New combat systems
-New quests and puzzles
-All new animations (I know I'm not great, I'll get better)
-Updated look to Ferals and Soldiers








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YAY! It's finally here!


Remember 2 weeks ago when I said it would be released in a few days as long as there were no hiccups? Well that was dumb. I guess I must have angered the Unity gods or sumthin


Here is the newest build, it's got a bunch of changes and I hope you like them.

As always, it's not yet perfect but I'd love another round of feedback


Thanks for hanging in there!

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