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Horizon Zero Dawn Nude mod (Request)

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I brought this up in the Death Stranding thread (they share the same engine). Given the complete lack of even the simplest mods for that game, I'm worried that this is one of those engines that just isn't moddable.


It's a shame, because I was looking at HZD's photo mode last night on Playstation and a lot of the pre-made poses would work marvelously if she weren't wearing anything...

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10 hours ago, gcp89 said:

I think i just threw up in my mouth a little. Why does this character lookl ike someone photoshoped a teenage boy's head onto a barely developed female's body!? YUCK!

It's just her hair dude. This is how her real life face model Hannah Hoekstra looks like:



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14 hours ago, lerver said:


Uhmm... ugly female characters are progressive according to my LGBQT friends, sweetie. Welcome to current year.

More like regressive!


8 hours ago, Axl21 said:

It's just her hair dude. This is how her real life face model Hannah Hoekstra looks like:



That's not how the 3D model actually looks though. The developers intentionally altered the face to make her look more masculine because they wanted the character to look powerful, and not feminine. I remember reading an article about that when the game first came out. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/691087-playstation-4/75610658

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The only thing wrong with Aloys design is none of her hair being in front of her ears and all going backward. It just makes her face and ears look really spread out and goofy when looked at directly on. A modder (if modding is possible on this game) could just put some extra strands and braids on the side to balance everything out. Also, really hoping someone figures it out. #1 game I want a nude mod for right now.

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7 hours ago, pollock said:

Is this game moddable even?

That`s the big question (the one that would determine my purchase tbh as I already have the game on console and only mods would motivate me to buy it again). Game negine is brand new on PC as only Death stranding and this games used it (engine from guerilla who is owned by Sony and was probably ported only so Kojima can have his game on PC too) so it`s probably not designed with ease of alteration in mind. 

When my friend got the game first thing I did is look at content and it looks it`s only binary and likely proprietary archives (similar to bethesda`s own bsa) so unless someone figure out how to unpack/make those archives it seems a long way before anything meaningful could happen

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there are mods on nexus mods but none of them are for her 3d model they just mod game effects like graphics textures and stuff  but maybe that might be a way in to mod the game if these guys can mod lighting and texturesand stuff maybe there is a way to access aloys files to edit those textures 

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