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please recommend some skimpy UNP or UNPB armors

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I'm on console, I really like the Tera Armor collections, Sexy Vanilla Armor replacer and the Book of UUNP because how skimpy (exposed butts) yet cool looking the armors are, despite them not being super high quality like many of the individual armor pieces. Unfortunately the latters usually require HDT or other requirements. I'm hoping someone could recommend me more similarly skimpy armors (can be individual armor or a pack like Tera) that is for UNP or UNPB and preferably doesn't require things like HDT, racemenu etc. 


Thanks a lot! 

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Well I can convert pretty much any PC mods on Nexus (as long as it doesn't require stuffs like SKSE) to console, all mods I have right now are directly downloaded from Nexus SSE.

It's just that there are so few people playing on consoles with mods, so usually I don't get any replies. 

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