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Walking and Riding Realism mod...


Your character can walk and ride a Horse non-stop, and receive no problems with their health.


My idea, fixes that...



Skyrim tracks how far you walk, it displays it in one of the menu's. Tie it into a mod, and what you are wearing, and you have a Debuff and Malady mod to incentivise taking Carriages and Boats.


Good mods to use it for would be..

- Better fast travel

- Devious Carriages 




What walking and riding realism would do...


- Saddle Sore...  Cause... excessive riding, causes debuff that prevents Horse riding.   Duration 1 day.


Blisters... various locations, various reasons for them, and various debuffs and problems.


Barefoot walking = Sore Feet, can't wear boots.

Blisters = Can't wear boots, Health drops whilst walking.

Headaches = 50% drop in combat effectiveness.

Hangover = 95% drop in combat effectiveness, and high chance of rape and robbery.  After the drinking wears off debuff, progression from Drunk Debuff.

Drunk = Chance of blackout, Rape and Robbery almost certain.   Excessive drinking debuff, +5 drinks in 5 hours.



Various Boots can make it less or worse.

- Stilletoes...               destroys players feet.

- Fur Boots...              extremely comfortable, relief from foot pains, but not good for extended walking trips.

- Bare Feet...              great at home, pain relief whilst swimming.

- Devious Boots...      Achilles tendon shortening, can't wear flat boots and shoes. Stiletto heels will slowly fix the problem.



Clothing and fatigue gains...

- Heavy armour...      tires you out quickly.

- Medium armour...  tires you out slowly.

- Light armour...       very little fatigue gained.

- Clothing...               light and airy, great for curing pains and fatigue.

- Sexy clothes...        almost no weight, shame about the rapists and robbers.

- Naked...                  hot and cold based problems, robbers and rapists will love you.

- Devious...               Everything is an effort.



- Fatigue...  Not a debuff, but a daily pool of energy. Use too much of it, and your Stamina decreases by percentages of how much is used.


0% Fatigue...     no problems

10% Fatigue...   5% Stamina loss

50% Fatigue...   50% Stamina loss, chance to be a robbery victim to stronger foes. 

75% Fatigue...   75% Stamina loss, chance of robbery or rape.

95% Fatigue...   95% Stamina loss, high chance you are going to be someones victim.

100% Fatigue...  100% Stamina loss, chance to blackout, aroused people see you as a rape target, people may rob, strip, or add devious devices to you.





- Rest...                                              Sleep to cure fatigue, excessive sleep adds more fatigue and headaches.

- Comfy shoes...                                Comfortable footwear.

- Swimming naked...                        Very relaxing, but watch out for robbers stealing your clothes, or rapists.

- Foot massage...                              Problem... can lead to foot fetish people, getting rapey ideas. Quick fix, but only lasts for a couple of hours...

- Taking relaxing Carriage ride...   Great, quick fix. But with Devious Carriages, you may be replacing one problem with another. But at least your feet are feeling good now...



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some of this, specifically some of the footwear stuff, is done with YPS

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13 hours ago, jfraser said:

some of this, specifically some of the footwear stuff, is done with YPS

Yeah... I've used YPS before, had it installed a couple of times. It deals with make-up, Hair growth, and fashion addiction. It has shortening of Achilles tendons, with certain Shoe wearing, messing up your feet.

I had YPS installed when it first was released, then a while later, after many updates...


For my normal game feet stuff, I use Devious Framework and Devious Training. Devious Training took YPS's feet idea, and added it to its long list of body morphs. Devious Framework and Devious Training are great body mods, if you use Deviously Cursed Loot.


My idea, deals with mainly fatigue, and a daily fatigue pool. Getting tired over the period of the day, like in real life. Along with aches and pains, that long travels bring...

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