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I'm having issues getting my CBBE 3BBB body working with clothing physics


I'm using the following mods:

  • CBBE
  • CBPC
  • FNIS
  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended


Physics work fine without clothes on, but with clothes the breasts are flattened. Anyone have suggestions?



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For the nude body, just follow the instructions on the Nexus mod page, it's super simple. For the clothes and armors, you can use the Groups in the top-right to select a bunch of outfits at once and use the Batch Build button. Actually, I recorded a video for someone else who was having issues a couple days ago. Sorry for the crap quality, set up OBS for the first time in years in a rush. I only do the vanilla armors here, but just select those and all the other outfit packs you have in the groups tab.


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I followed your video and I'm still getting flat breasts when wearing clothes


Edit: Could this be a load order thing/interference from another mod?

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Yeah, probably an issue with XPMSSE. Mind posting your load order? 


Edit: As well, CBPC won't show up in your plugin list, so check for yourself that it's set to be overwritten by 3BBB.

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Okay so I got the vanilla armors working. I reinstalled a couple mods and changed a few settings to troubleshoot and I figured out that the setting I needed to change was in the 3BBB installation. Apparently I have to check "Modify existing CBBE Morph" instead of "New Adding 3BBB Morph"


I appreciate the help Badger!

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