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Soo im trying to install cmars morphing nipples sliders but im using nraas. When I add xcas to my game all of my sliders stop working any thoughts that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

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I just linked the one you'll need.....


<retracted a lot of frustrated text because>



From: https://cmarnyc.blogspot.com/2013/05/morphing-nipples.html



Virtually all problems with this mod are caused by either a game that's not correctly set up for custom content or a conflict with another nude female top replacement. Please rule those out before posting for help; it'll save time and space in the thread.

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Both Nraas Master Controller and XCAS control the maximum number of sliders you need to make sure that they are both set to the exact same number. In other words if you have the slider limit set to 150 in XCAS you need to make sure that MC also has the slider limit set to 150 and vice versa.

If they both have different slider limits things won't work properly.

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