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Skyrim wont load mods if i enable any new ones (MO)

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2 hours ago, Grey Cloud said:

That's a fact is it?

Deductive reasoning.


I seriously have no idea what your glitch is when it comes to MO. You freely admit yourself all over this forum that you don't have the experience with it needed to offer advice about it's functionality, how to use it, ect. Yet, you're the first to chime in whenever someone who does have the aforementioned offers it. 

The MO vs NMM vs Vortex discussions have been done to death. No one is interested in rehashing them. The OPs problem has been solved by those who understand and use MO, the manager he uses.

The end.

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12 minutes ago, bandygirl1 said:

Yet, you're the first to chime in whenever someone who does have the aforementioned offers it. 

I haven't said anything about MO, I mentioned Tannin and Vortex. I was also trying to help here before it became an MO thing. I stopped once it became obvious that it was MO related. And for the record I stand by my initial diagnosis - that the OP needed to sort out his load order. Good modding practise and the issue would not have arisen in the first place.



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Eh, It's not that big of a deal. MO was made with Bethesda games in mind, Vortex on the other hand must accomplish what the Nexus people want: a single piece of software capable of handling dozens of different games. Although for most people Vortex is good enough for their day to day mod experience, you can't expect the same amount of detail and control over Bethesda games as you would have with MO (which is only needed or desired after the user knows about it, so it's not essential for most people IMO).


And even then, there are some incomplete features in MO. Stuff like no support for OMOD installers or the removal of BSA handling (or was it hidden as experimental?). These are just 2 examples I can remember atm. But for the existing/working features, once the user learns how to use them properly, it just works.

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