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What is the best sex mod for Skyrim: Special Edition?

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I am looking for the best sex mod, one that is popular and can intiate sex scenes

Hello to all fellow ..loverslab i make this post for to ask what mods should I go installing since I see so many and so i am entangled, which ones do you recommend? The hottest of course:biggrin:

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depends what your looking for 

if you want something you can quickly set up and are only looking for simple consensual humanoid on humanoid sex related interactions then 

go for osex or flower girls their both mostly self contained and have quality animations 


however if you're into something a bit more taboo and willing to put in the effort of hunting down add-ons  and animation packs then i would say sexlab sse which gives more variety in ways to sex as well as animations but takes more effort on your part to setup and manage everything


hope this sheds some light on things happy perving😎

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Sex is a personal thing. Which is best? idk. you tell me. (no, please don't) ;)


Flower Girls and the Amorous Adventures (SL) are good first bets and produce relatively benign encounters that emulate, to some degree, "normal" stuff that *most sexually active adults experience in some form in their own lives (no I'm not really saying this actually accurately mimics real life. read between the lines) . As to the "more advanced" or "edgy" stuff... that's all on you to decide what is or isn't "best".

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