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2 hours ago, Silverwolf357 said:

Sorry. The Atika Socks that are for Patreons, when are they coming to Loverslab?


I don't know. I don't have a roadmap to make things for free. I decide spontaneously and not every mod is for free. The most are only for supporter, because I spend a lot of freetime for creating and I don't have to publish anything. I can also just keep it for myself.

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Neoprene Update


It took me a while, but now it is done. I have created my own meshes for the neoprene clothing and adapted the previously published things. I also added new color variations and renamed the files. So I recommend you to delete the old Atika Set files and check your Sims. Whether everything still fits and sits.



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On 11/2/2020 at 6:51 PM, wongfoo2003 said:

Can you do a mask like this?





Hi wongfoo,

I had some time for testing around with this kind of mask, but it is not possible. A Hat in Sims 4 can only cover the hair from top zu bottom. The Settings for hiding hairs if a Sim wear a Hat don't allow to cover only hair at the side of the head. I can create this mask but you can only use it with a suitable hairstyle, otherwise hair will appear outside of the mask. See spoiler

Is this Ok for you?






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