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[sEARCH] School map

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3 hours ago, spinningleo said:

Searching for this map. Anyone got any idea on where can i download it?





I would guess either Modern Town or Aether Suite.

One of them requires the other, I think Mordern Town requires Aether Suite to be installed first.


Edit: Out of the two I suggested it would be Modern Town. I still have Aether Suite installed (no idea why) and the school there is abandoned. I no longer have Modern Town installed and it looks like I deleted the archive for it as well.


The outfit is COCO's Student Uniform

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26 minutes ago, Rayblue said:

The school is part of GomaPeroLand.

That would have been my other guess but I have seen the school areas before and don't recall ever installing GPL


Although I did just find it in my Downloads from 2 years ago, so maybe I am confused.



Yeah this the one from Aether Suite, looks very bland in comparison to the GPL one.




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