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Specifying Devious Devices

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Hi there! I've gone through a lot of the support threads for the specific mods that I will be mentioning, but as there is years worth of posts to get through I had hoped I might be able to pose my question here for an answer:

I am a big fan of the Devious Devices mods; and aftering finding SD+ to be more about the Slavery than the bondage, have decided to switch to Cursed Loot, and Devious Captures style of "bondage added after Submission" style instead.  What I want to ask is if there is a way to limit what devices are used by these mods specifically: Devious Equip and Cursed Loot.  While I really appreciate all the efforts of the Devious Devices Team, I'm really far more keen to use only the "more Lore Friendly" devices, or to at least add a higher weight to the recently added rope and chain devices that had been added on relatively recently.  

As mentioned earlier, I've tried looking in the specific mod threads; and I have tried examining if there are options to do so in respective Mods' MCMs' but I haven't seen anything that would give me that option.  Perhaps I'm just stupid; but I would greatly appreciate anyone's help or suggestions as to how to achieve this.

Thank you very much

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