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Some animations are the wrong way around

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It is strange, while playing some animations one actor is rotated 180 (as shown in spoiler), while others are working fine 






The animation problems started after I installed a bunch of LAPF mods al together: LoversCrowningIsle (with, what may be the problem, Donkey Animations from LoversCrowningIsle download section), Bravil Underground v0.96 and LoversGGBlackmail. There were no problems before installing theese mods. 


I would gladly appreciate any help

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I recommend deleting all the animation files and then reinstalling the LAPF.  That should fix you right up.  How to do this is listed out in the LAPF install instructions in the opening post of the LAPF and also in the read me.txt


There is also a setting in the ini file that you can flip the actor that is facing the wrong way.

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You mean full LAPF reinstall, along with recommend deleting all ini files or leaving non-LAPF from other mods?

It kinda makes sense to reinstall just the LAPF animations themselves, but oblivion modding can be a bitch and I just wanted to make sure.

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You can just do the animations themselves.  Remember to purge the originals first.  

Or you can try using the flip setting in the ini files.  You'd need to know what animations are backwards of course (you can see this by hitting the console key immediately after that animation starts).


No need to touch any other mod files.  They aren't causing any issues.


For those who are new to oblivion and don't understand how to trace install paths, I just tell them to reinstall the whole LAPF and say yes to the overwrites.  

If you do go that route and use lovers creatures, remember to reinstall lovers creatures afterwards.

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!!! Do not install  Donkey Animations  !!!  (New and improved animation project version 2.4 )

It has  two esp and a bsa,  all not compatible with LAPF !!!  




Crowning Isle is made for the old Lovers version, the old Lovers animation numbers.

You can install the old Lovers version   ( if you can find it ) and then you can use / install the "New and improved animation project version 2.4".

But many new Mods need LAPF.


Better you use LAPF  and DO NOT install "New and improved animation project version 2.4"

You install LAPF , you install Lovers Creatures again and let overwrite. ( You don't have to install Crowning, Blackmail and BravilUnderground again )

Then you have to fill the free  animations numbers. ( There are 200 human-human animation numbers but LAPF  only have about 160 animations. If a old Mod wants to use a specific ani number but the  ani is not in LAPF you will get a "missing ani message"

So you fill all free numbers with copies of  the animations you have or new animations. Or you install a files that fills the free numbers.


Scroll down to 2.  Problems during gameplay.

And there read   Missing Animations  ( Lovers Sex animations)

In the spoiler is a file "ExtraAPAnimations.7z"  that fill the  free numbers.


! The only problem you will have with Croning Isle is that you get wrong animations. A NPC talk about a Blow Job but he fucks your ass ....  ( but could be due to your character’s appearance... :classic_unsure: )  The old Lovers and the new LAPF animations  are different  and the numbers have changed.



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Thank you, it actually worked! And I was half way through reinstalling all lovers mods on my backup folder...


It is amazing, that the community still thrives, even though it should have been long forgotten becouse of for example skyrim's sexlab. 


Thanks once again for your service to this small, but active almost like r/oblivion, community :)

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