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LS_af LowBackHalterMini_Open

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LS_af LowBackHalterMini_Open

But of course it's open bottom!


This one is a simple halter, choker style dress made as an open bottom mini... VERY mini...

I was able to align the mesh UV (not important for you, but it means a lot for me), so that this dress will work well with a good number of patterns. So to celebrate, all presets are in patterns. And of course, solid colors will work also... they work on pretty much anything. 😁


It's a halter dress with a choker style collar, plunging neckline to show off plenty of cleavage, and a low cut back... and naturally, a high hemline!


There are 3 presets, with only one color channel. The dress is set in CAS as Everyday, Formalwear, Career, ValidForMaternity, ValidForRandom, and IsRevealing.


Just another simple mini-dress for your Sim's wardrobe!


I hope you like it!!!


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