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Seamstress Fashion - WIP

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Just a small conversion of a few The Witcher 2 assets I made for my Seamstress Guild 2.0 mod. Don't expect to much, I'm usually don't do "conversion" mods. Textures are ok, but locks a bit "glossy" in game.


You can find everything in a bag on top the barrel just outside of Haelga.s Bunkhouse (Riften).


On the odd chance that there is some more experianced modder with to much time on their hand who would like to "polish" this mod; feel free edit to your hearts content, but please give me a heads up as I would very much like to add any improved version to my Seamstress Guild mod.


PLEASE NOTE: The ring/amulets don't actually have bodysliders, but added them anyway as a "modders resource" of sorts. The same goes for the file named "SSG_W2Base", wich is not an outfit but the file where I keep all the assets I extracted from the witcher 2.


All credits goes to CD Project Red.


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