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   Hey there,
I am Chris and I am looking for a gladiator-like/arena-combatant armor for male bodies for Skyrim SE to make my little pickle tickle with my Orc-themed,tribal-tattoed,norse-runish bodied character.

In more detail,what I'm looking for is an armor set that has minimal presence on the torso,no shoulderplates or pads and then full,skin-tight coverage with maybe a steel-plate armor like skirt over the leggings for the bottom part.Exposed arms and shoulders with (optionally) uneven gauntlets or an one arm replacer gauntlet OR good ol' bracers. (The gauntlet/bracers part is 100% optional and not-needed))

I'll try and attach examples.I tried my best to look for something but,a couple ports I came across where not legal and have been removed, per original author requests, from the Nexus,oldrim mods have been taken down,the ones that still exist don't allow permissions for porting,a couple that were meant to work on SE as they are,don't really do that,Reddit doesn't have anything to offer,so,here we are.


I did try spending some time installing and trying to learn how to use the Creation kit but,there are some workings, that the official wiki guides explain as well, that I simply cannot comprehend.Maybe I'm just slow or I need someone to sit with me and explain it to me in a different manner,but,nearly 10 years after the game came out,I doubt I could find someone who would devote time to a stranger,for free,to help them understand and guide them through an armor making endeavour.

In case I won't be able to attach all files, I'm leaving an Imgur link with all the material gathered-up for reference.



Thank you for your time and hopefully something will come out of this. :D

~If someone does take up the task,please do mail me @ bishonblackrose@hotmail.com.~

~Also,I'm willing to spend time,on Discord,with an armor creator/modder to work together on such a project(I could offer input and discuss choices and art direction),I've actually considered offering 10 - 15 euros in the end,if it's notable work and my allowance permits it.~




Baldur like armor up to the upper abdomen,not further..JPG

completely covered legs back side.JPG

completely covered legs front side.JPG

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