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elsweyr anequina females textures problems

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Do you have a HGEC  replacer for the anequina females ?  The textures in the base Mod are vanilla.


Maybe now you have vanilla anequina  textures and HGEC body  meshes.

But the males should be also wrong if you use Roberts male body replacer.  The vanilla anequina male textures don't fit.


Also all armors and clothes are made for vanilla textures.  ( so they should be fine. Vanilla armor/clothes meshes and vanilla  race textures. )

! Only the player can have problems with the armor/clothes. If you play a custom race with Roberts male and HGEC female  textures , but no vanilla textures in the Mod  the player have no textures for the armor/clothes.



If you use Roberts male and HGEC body replacer you have to replace the  vanilla anequina textures with Roberst and HGEC.  And install Roberts and HGEC replacer meshes for all armor and clothes that have visible skin (  Armor/clothes with out you don't need to replace , and armor and clothes the player never wants the wear you can also ignore )


Sorry I do not have download Links.  Last time I installed / changed anequina was 2017  and I used  HGEC/Roberts replacer I download about 2012 and made a lot of changes during all the years.

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