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7 hours ago, Code Serpent said:

I sometimes get a CTD if morphing while wearing a very high-poly mesh armor. So, I'd recommend stripping your character or wear something vanilla with bodymorphs enabled.

I stripped the character down to wearing nothing when the CTD occurred, so I suspect something else I've done has gone wrong.


And thanks for getting back to me!

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I like this mod, having lots of fun. However, I play with Hunterborn which adds a similar dialog box when activating dead creatures. This causes the "loot" option to be moved to the dialog box from Hunterborn, which leaves "Dissect" as the only option in Morphology's dialog box. As this is pretty much the same issue as when attempting to feed on corpses when in werewolf form described earlier in another post, I thought that, if possible, a "Cancel" option would be a nice inclusion in the dialog box.


And thanks for making alchemy more fun!

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Other than having the mod, racemenu and racemenmorphsuunp active is there anything else I need to to get this to work with Uunp body? I'm not noticing any changes at all when I try the ingredients and potions.


Edit: Nvm. I figured it out. Just needed to reinstall Bodyslide.

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can somebody help me. I instaled the Mod and it in itself works perfectly but my Armor(vanilla) doesn´t change while the body does change. I tried to batch build morphs with Bodyslide but nothing is changing.

I have no idear of what i,m doing please help...

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