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Droids of the Commonwealth I and II - 06/14/2020

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1 hour ago, stas2503 said:

Hi, is the release of the mod planned?

Yes it will be when he puts the finishing touches on it.

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The Refrigerated Trailer






So I decided to add more overhead storage

lockers once I managed to get the workbench

cabinets finished and working. The chair near

the roll-up door is actually a bed. So here, you

have the option of saving your game while

repairing your SPU in the far chair, or just using

the sleeping chair to sleep and save.


There are seven trailers total (for now).

Five scattered about the Commonwealth,

one in Far Harbor, and one in Nuka World.

I'll be adding more in future content.


Make note of the line that runs down the

center of the trailer floor. For some reason, I

suspect related to the camera marker, that

seems to be as close as you can get to the

workbench counters until you actually *use*

them. When you exit them, things get

a little wonky, but straighten up once you

move away from the bench.


I didn't want to mess with the camera marker's

mesh so as not to break anything. But it

isn't a big issue, so I left things alone.

The trailer floor is navmeshed from the

door to the power armor station, but I 

wouldn't recommend bringing followers

in these as things may get a bit tight.


Also, I want to give those of you using

"terminal speed" mods a heads up that THIS

mod speeds up the terminal rate by five times.

This is actually a *game engine level*

modification. Meaning it changes the

display rate of ALL terminals, by changing

the default rate of 60 to 300. I don't expect

it will conflict if you have a mod that increases

them further, but if it's the same 5X, then that

mod will be redundant.


Finally, you may have noticed the *cryo* theme shared by the factory AND the trailers.

And it's for good reason. Because I plan to bring *thermal dynamics* into the mix in a future

optional content expansion. But that's a story for another time.....



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What a thread to stumble on just as I'm starting to poke at the game again!

Really fucking stoked, it looks great!

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Powered Component Armor




Everything you see here is an *individual*

component, which forms a complete powered

armor suit.


It's also *stand alone*. It is NOT part of this mod.

Though it *IS* tied into it through it's own

management system terminal.


If it looks familiar, it's because it's the

Liberty Prime Armor by theenco, converted

to Fusion Girl 1.45. I haven't converted it for

the other bodies yet, as it's just something

I've been working on between testing sessions.




It occupies BOTH the Armor(A) AND Underarmor(U)

slots so it can't be worn WHILE wearing the powered

jumpsuit. This stand alone mod re-paths the converted

to the Droids clothing folder, so it CAN be used beside

the original armor for your followers, and will conform

to JUST your body shape. I won't be releasing this

with the main Droids mod, because doing so would

delay the mod longer than I care. At this time, I'm debating

using it as the platform for the planned expansion to

the main mod. We'll see.....



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And it keeps getting better and better. Can't wait to play with this mod!


Thank you, and keep it up, Trykz!

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