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Droids of the Commonwealth I and II - 06/14/2020

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Welcome to "The Weapons Factory"











This ultra-secure, underground Government facility is where

ALL of the best weaponry comes from. Including the U.S.

government's most prized and super secret creation:






My test character is standing in from of *Assembly Line 1*.

But make no mistake, she was NOT built on this line.

No, she was built on *Assembly Line 3*. So why is she

standing here? It's quite a sad story, actually.....


Assembly Line 1 is where her *backup* is stored.

What you see here, is her THIRD *restore*. Did she die?

No. She FAILED to pay attention to her power level. So, her

firewall collapsed and failed. And at that moment, her

SPU began downloading a virus designed to kill not

her, but her SPU. Luckily for her, the SPU can't really

*die*. It comes with it's own built-in protective measure

that cuts itself off from the network *if* the download hits

99%, then shuts her down, and destroys her.


The *backup* is created during the droid's initial build

when you *volunteer*, and is stored at Assembly Line 1.


So let's go over what it takes to get to this point:


As a machine, you have 3 important values to stay

ever-aware of. The *power* level, the *Firewall*, and

the *Synthetic Processing Unit*. Or *SPU*.


The SPU is basically your *brain*. As a human, your

brain is protected by your easily crack-able bone skull.

As a droid, it's *stored* in the SPU. which uses your old,

inefficient human brain to bridge the millions of connections

required to give your droid chassis functionality. (see my

earlier post)


The SPU is protected from hostile intrusion by your

hardware Firewall. And like any other piece of mechanical

hardware, it requires power. And when the power runs

out, the firewall drops. Allowing access to the SPU to ANY

available virus via radio, satellite, or LAN in the area. And

the area is QUITE large. Satellites..... remember?


At 99% download progress, the Mainframe considers

the SPU *irreparably damaged*, and you are *recalled*

for a full systems restore. Your body is destroyed at the

location where your SPU became too damaged to

salvage, your gear is stripped and express delivered

by eyebot to the factory where it is placed into your

internal storage compartment during your *rebuild*

.....at *Assembly Line 1*.  😱


The Mainframe doesn't care WHERE you are, or WHAT

you were doing. When you are recalled, that's it.


So let's recap.....


Power ---> Firewall ---> SPU


You start with 100.00 of each

Power ticks down at 0.02/s

(fusions core give you +100.00 each)


at 0.00 power (or less... yes, it keeps going) your firewall

begins to drop at 0.03/s

(adding a fresh core or going near rad sources

can push power up and stop it)


at 0.00 firewall (or less... yes, it keeps going too) the

SPU finds a file to download for *analysis*.

Restoring power allows you to *repair* the

firewall from the holotape menu. Repairing the

firewall stops the download at whatever percentage

it is currently at, but:


If/when the download hits 99% complete, you

are shut down, recalled, and ultimately

destroyed. You wake up in the vat at Assembly Line 1.


The SPU *cannot* be repaired *in the field*. It can

ONLY be repaired in this:













This is the *Nanite Reactor*

It is located inside the Weapons Factory.

And it is the ONLY one in existence.

And you start it up (and shut it down)

right from the holotape.


And let this serve as a warning:

the longer you wait to repair your

SPU, the longer it takes.

(on my test character, it took about

10 minutes from 98% damaged) 😝


The holotape runs EVERYTHING.

It even unlocks/locks the security door so you

can get out of the factory. No insecure *keys*

to worry about.


Okay..... enough for now. So stay tuned!


Oh! Wait,,,,,


The suit in the pics? You can ONLY get it through the holotape.

Yep, it's a *module* 😂


It's a custom mashup of the Unzipped Vault Suit and

SA-IV Shade Armor


You only need the textures from the SA-IV armor, so

you should endorse WhiteShades when you grab it.

The meshes and Vault Suit textures will be in the

mod, as well as the BodySlide files.





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so I didn't have any success with manipulating the game's timer.

Messing with it in any way led to instant CTD on load.


However, I WAS able to make some adjustments to the effect

timers to slow things down for *Very Hard* difficulty. Survival

difficulty is similar, but noticeably slower.  ANY difficulty below

Very Hard speeds things up to simply unmanageable levels.

*Hard* difficulty *might* be manageable IF you pay VERY CLOSE

ATTENTION to Power level. By *very close*, I mean you better be

checking it every few minutes or you'll be spending more time

on the Assembly Line than playing the game 👀


Anyway, here's a couple of short videos to exemplify the rate

on Very Hard difficulty:


This first one is the rate while JUST the subsystems dock is

equipped, and the second is with the dock AND the Nano Suit:




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I'll be removing the power drain from the nano-suit, because a bunch of other stuff relies on it being equipped.


EVERY module (except the dock) and subroutine drains power at 0.01/s. To offset the slow rate, I've removed all notifications EXCEPT for the processor monitor to keep you on your toes. While you might not want to get rebuilt or exploded, I WANT you to *forget* about these things, and I don't need all kinds of notifications reminding you to check things every few minutes 😈


I'm currently writing all of the new terminal virus scripts, and looking into a few other nasty things to give you the occasional headache ☠️


So stay tuned.....



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Okay..... so quite a bit of the virus work is done.


So let's go over what they are, and how they work.....


Viruses can attack ANY of your droid stats in one form or another, and a few will attack all three depending on how deep you go into a given terminal's entries. The terminals vary in type, and are spread all throughout the game. They will do various levels of damage depending on the terminal type. There are ZERO indicators to give away which terminals do what kind of damage, or even IF they do any damage until you EXIT the terminal, at which point you will receive a notification.


A select few terminals can actually *benefit* you by restoring *some* of a given stat. However, they can also be a double edged sword. If a terminal restores *too much*, it could trigger a critical core meltdown event, and ...... BOOM ☠️ These terminals DO NOT notify you at all. They just do their thing, and either you blow up or...... you don't 👀


So it goes without saying that these terminals are NOTHING like the old, easy to spot terminals.


Currently, I'm working on a set of *triggerbox* viruses. These viruses (assuming I can make them work as intended), will play all kinds of hell with your droid, and will be scattered all over the gameworlds (Commonwealth, Far Harbor, AND Nuka World). So stay tuned...



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Been a fan of ASIA for a while, so when I saw the thread on this and read up on what you have done here, I was gun-ho to give it a whirl.  Only problem is that when I click the down load button I get the following:


Sorry, there is a problem 
We could not locate the item you are trying to view. 
Error code: 2D161/2


Did you take the mod down?

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2 minutes ago, BlueBoxAssociation said:

Been a fan of ASIA for a while, so when I saw the thread on this and read up on what you have done here, I was gun-ho to give it a whirl.  Only problem is that when I click the down load button I get the following:


Sorry, there is a problem 
We could not locate the item you are trying to view. 
Error code: 2D161/2


Did you take the mod down?

Yes he did because he is writing a completely new version of the mod.

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So, a LOT of tweaking today in search of a good balance between

Survival and Very Hard modes yielded some pretty good results.

It was a little bit frustrating, but the mod performs quite reasonably

in Very Hard mode. It gets much more manageable with higher

power levels. To help non-Survival players push power up, I added

a pile of radioactive barrels to the store-room. Just don't

push it too high, or......BOOM ☠️


I also tweaked how the timers work. At first, they were *sequential*.

Meaning that when one ran out, it triggered the next to start.

They now *overlap*.


When power drops to 15.00, the firewall timer starts. Then, when

the firewall drops to 5.00, the SPU timer starts. Finally, when the

SPU drops to 1.00, you are shut down, your backup SPU is loaded

into Assembly Line 1, and you are *restored*. It helps

with transitioning from one stat to the next, and keeps

you from restoring multiple times from a single recall.

(this happened to my test character multiple times)


Otherwise, they still work the same. Restoring power

(above 15.00) stops the firewall timer, and repairing the firewall

(above 5.00) stops the SPU timer.


When restored at Assembly Line 1, you are pre-loaded with

100.00 power, firewall, and SPU. This is in *addition* to

whatever you had at the time of recall. Since a recall is

typically triggered from power and firewall loss, the pre-load

doesn't *fully* repair these stats. Power could be more OR

less than 100.00. Firewall and SPU will either be below

or AT 100.00. Firewall and SPU are *capped* at 100.00, so

can't exceed that anyway.


I also decided *against* removing the power consumption

from the Nano suit. It's consumption is actually pretty

nominal, and removing it doesn't benefit much at all:





I'll be creating zaps for many of the suit's parts so

it can be worn with other items from the various clothing

and armor mods available here and on the Nexus.

But be mindful of these two things:


1) it's flagged *unplayable* and cannot be *unequipped*


2) anything that uses the body slot *could* either hide

OR possibly remove it, leaving it invisible in your

inventory until you cancel it from the holotape.

It's weightless, so it shouldn't really affect anything.


The suit adds a number of benefits. Things like +200 health.

And +100AP and 2.50 AP Rate. Which is why I felt that

removing the power consumption didn't really make sense.

So to offset things a bit more, I set ALL modules and subroutines

to 0.01/s power consumption, EXCEPT for stealth mode, which

consumes 0.05/s.


The suit, fusion core items, subsystem dock, AND the holotape

are all *protected* from removal by AAF mods. So if you see yourself

getting into *trouble*, you might need to sit through an initial

scene with the suit equipped, but as long as your hands are

not bound, you should be able to use the holotape to remove it.


I currently have only some basic mods installed during this

build, so I don't have much to test against within

the factory.


I didn't have any luck figuring out the triggerboxes, so

they might have to wait for a future update/expansion.


At this point, I'm pretty close to the completed build, and

hope to move into full testing sometime over this weekend.

If all goes well once I start loading in more mods, I should

be able to put this out by next weekend.


Oh, I almost forgot.....


This version of Droids comes with a *reference*

menu that offers PLENTY of detail about how things

work. However, I still leave a LOT for you to discover

on your own. It's already quite long, and much more

will likely require a second dedicated terminal.


Stay tuned.....



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So as I sat having my coffee this morning, I

got to thinking that I'd REALLY like for Droids

to be as *self-contained* as possible. Meaning

that basically, they are entirely self-sufficient

and need little to nothing from the game

to sustain themselves.


So I set about creating a couple of new items to

help with that. First, I needed to create something

that would allow them to feed and hydrate

themselves WITHOUT using the game's food

or water items for sustenance. So I made this:




The *Biomass Injector*


The biomass injector serves TWO purposes.

To feed and hydrate. Meaning that it will sate

BOTH hunger AND thirst in Survival mode

to maintain your *biological parts*, while

adding to your overall health for one hour.


However, getting these is not just a simple

*load up the holotape* process. Because it

REQUIRES this to make:





The Biomass *Recycler*


The biomass recycler is a deployable module

that attaches to the subsystem dock, and is

used to process various items internally from

your inventory to produce the biomass injector.

It uses the (A)Armor Slot, but is VERY heavy, so

you won't be sporting it around town. It offers

NO benefit other than making injectors.


I'm currently combing through the CK to find

appropriate and readily available materials

to load into it. But rest assured, whatever I use

will be *biological* and liquid based items that

are easily collected from throughout the game.


And in case you're wondering, YES.

It IS a powered module. But don't worry, it's power

consumption will be quite reasonable (for survival mode)

for what it does. Non-survival players can choose to

use it or not, depending on how comfortable they

are with managing power consumption.



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So.... I apparently broke something. Don't know what yet, but something definitely broke. No worries though. Rolled back to an earlier backup (I've developed a habit now of occasionally dropping a backup onto my notebook drive when I make changes/add/remove mods), and only lost the Recycler.


I'm a bit confused though, because I added some mods before I made and added the recycler (last night actually). Then when I started a new test character today, the game crashed at the race transition EVERY time. I did however set up the MCM for those mods *while* I was still in the prewar Sanctuary. So there's that to consider..... I loaded in the backup, fixed up the terminal scripts to get rid of all traces of the recycler, and rolled a new test character. It all worked as intended. Oddly though, I got no indication that anything was wrong last night on the previous test character. Which is weird, because the recycler isn't available until AFTER the race transition. Though I HAVE added a lot to the factory since I made the last test character. So I may need to carve out some of the factory to add the recycler back in. I don't like using portals because they cause noticeable lag. Though I may try a few different ways of setting them up.


So for the moment, the recycler is out. However, the biomass injector is still in, and I'm pulling them from the holotape menu without any issue. So I may just scrap the recycler, and just require the raw items be present to pull from your inventory to get them.


We'll see.....



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22 minutes ago, Trykz said:

Rolled back to an earlier backup (I've developed a habit now of occasionally dropping a backup onto my notebook drive when I make changes/add/remove mods)

compulsive backup keeping a good habit to have when investing time, energy and elbow grease into any project:cookie:

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Okay..... a few bits of good and bad news for today:


I'll give you the good bits first.....


First, I managed to set conditioning on the Power, Firewall, and SPU that STOPS their timers when sleeping OR waiting 😉


Second, I've slightly changed the overlap of the timers to account for a new *mode*: Reserve Power Mode. All timer messages have been removed, except the message letting you know you've entered Reserve Power Mode, AND the message indicating that the SPU is in the process of downloading a virus.


Finally (the bad), I'm delaying things for a week to work on adding a new *defensive deployable*. I'm 99.9% sure I can make it work, and I'm 100% certain you'll consider the added wait well worth it. I'll post pics as soon as I have it in and working as intended.



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Allow me to introduce you to:






Yes. He's chrome 😉


(though I am looking at other materials for his appearance)

(I just happened to have these handy for the moment)


What color would you expect a mechanical, deploy-able dog to be?

Though he might look kinda cool with some rust and a few dents 😝


For the moment he just sits around panting and drooling all

over the place. He also only has the player faction affiliation.

I'm hoping that once he's fully packaged, he'll act similarly to

Skyrim's strays that follow you all over the place until you

send them back to wherever you found them.


As a deploy-able, Axl requires power to deploy. A LOT of it.

But for 100 power, you get a 500hp loyal companion that

will fight beside you until he is killed. If you can spare the

power. He also requires that YOU have at least 120 power

available so you don't completely drain yourself. He cannot

be dismissed. He only goes away if he dies in combat.

Oh yeah, he LEVELS with you, and is accessible at level one 😉


With that, I'm out.....


night all 👋😁



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56 minutes ago, GDI said:

can't  download this mod. what's wrong?


Not there yet, the original was sorta lost when trykz, had his computer die, and he had no backups, could not rebuild the scripts and such from the files posted, so started to rebuild it from scratch, he posted that either here, or in the wip post for this mod.   And as he can not do support for those versions he took them down.


We are all kind of looking forward and dreading what his devious mind is coming up with, well considering some of the stuff he has posted about the new version anyway.

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23 minutes ago, Varithina said:

Not there yet, the original was sorta lost when trykz, had his computer die, and he had no backups, could not rebuild the scripts and such from the files posted, so started to rebuild it from scratch, he posted that either here, or in the wip post for this mod.   And as he can not do support for those versions he took them down.


We are all kind of looking forward and dreading what his devious mind is coming up with, well considering some of the stuff he has posted about the new version anyway.


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Okay.... sorted. Apparently I made a texture change on an item I added to the cell a few days ago, and forgot to merge a layer down. I guess I just needed a bit to think out what I did yesterday.



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So glad I pushed this out a week.


Axl's packaging is proving to be a PITA 😝


He's not meant to be a follower like Dogmeat, Curie, etc.. He's a *deployable defensive module* meant to simply follow you around and fight with you if you get attacked and until he dies. The package itself sets up fine, similarly to any Skyrim type simple follower. The procedure tree on the other hand, tends to crash the CK during the setup. If I can't get it working, I'll have to see if the package will work without it.


I really need to get him outside of the factory so I can see how he holds up in combat, and if I need to make adjustments to him. Hopefully I can get to that point by tomorrow.



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So Axl is now fully packaged and working 😁


I have a few things to touch up on him before I test him outside of the factory, but he follows my test character all over the factory as soon as he's deployed. I also need to confirm that he deploys AT my test character's level. So I'll need to roll a few test characters of varying level to confirm his leveling is working properly.


If he performs well, I'll be able to move into full on play testing over the weekend.



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