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I am looking for a strip-club esque mod. As in I'm looking for something that is basically Radiant Prostitution, but with the change that you get paid to work as a stripper.


Like the job would be dancing for people in skimpy clothing, with gold being given to the PC at random times as if people are throwing you their tips. Every now and then people will ask for a private dance and pay you extra. Then during the private dance there's a small chance they'll either ask for sex or try to force sex and you can resist like in Sexlab Defeat. Then the other features of the mod would be everything else Radiant Prostitution has.


Now that I think about it, It could probably just be an Add-on to Radiant Prostitution, or built in a way that it can be used alongide it.


Baseline, I would like to be able to dance for tips In between jobs.

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I also thought about TDF PP for dancing.


What you could do is set the required arousal level pretty high, so that if you get the witnesses horny enough with a dance they would ask you for sex and could play that as the private dance if you wanted.  There are options when someone asks the dancer to say "not now" so you would mostly have control over that.


I haven't tried it, but if you have someone ask for sex and you say yes, when you lead them to someplace private you might be able to dance for them again.  The mod does keep track of which NPCs are following you for sex and excludes them from asking again, I think to make sure that if you have 2-3 people dancing you don't get multiple requests from the same NPC. Not sure also on how far the dance pull reaches, so if you just go into a bedroom of an Inn, you might still pull everyone in the inn to the room to watch you.


Now that I've typed this all out, I think there was a mod on the Nexus about dancing for coin.  I never tried it because it didn't have any sex so TDFPP handled all of what I wanted to do if I wanted that in a game, but maybe adding THAT to Radiant would work for you.

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So I tried out TDF prostitution.


While it does have the base Idea of what I want to achieve, none of the dance animations are something I'd consider a stripper dance. But I did see that the mod has an option for custom animations. I looked at the TDF prostitution page figure out how to add a custom animation to the mod, but I'm having a little trouble. First of all, I need to find a stripper dance animation somewhere that I can use. Second, I'm not so sure I understand how to add said dance animation. So I guess I have two questions:

1. Where can I find a stripper dance animation?

2. How do I add said animation to TDF Prostitution?

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