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NUDE Mod 4K 'Realistic Textures' - by Jenovation

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22 hours ago, HooHLugia said:

Love the mod first, I had some question when I install this mod.

1.Do I need to disable HI-Metal's V4 skin before using this, since the mod manager detected conflict.

   I choose to disable HI metal's skin on my computer. To be honest, there is no difference for me for 4K and HIMETAL V4. I was wondering I did something wrong.

2.How can I change the body type as the description said? (same way as HIMETAL V4, that did not work either)


I would be appreciate if anyone can help me with these.



1: u have to disable any other skin first


2: the variation is under development, so theres only 1 fixed skin now

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10 hours ago, DeepDarkJJ said:

Hi, I v just tried it, but the skin still cant be repalced, the nude body is still applying the skin from 'square bikini nude' mod, not in your 4k quality. I dont know what is wrong, could you help me?


Got this update too ?



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