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Corvo Bianco

[UE4] Drifter Prince - a new adult realtime 3d game

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Update: Drifter Prince DEMO is released for everyone to try out. It's free, no strings attached. Please follow this link to read more.


Hello, I am Corvo Bianco, a game developer with over a decade of professional experience. For a while, I've been planning to make my own game, but I couldn't find something I am incredibly passionate about. This is until I have discovered the adult games niche.

"Drifter Prince" is a realtime 3d game with exceptional graphics, deep lore, and lewd scenes animated in 3d by hand. Explore the most exotic places, meet new friends, watch the heartwarming relationships flourish.


And we finally have a Trailer!


Carefully crafted, hand-animated 3d scenes will let you truly feel connected with your partners. While the game will be quite vanilla compared to some other projects in the community, you are in for a treat nonetheless. Where else can you see people doing that in a low gravity environment? That's right!


The first alpha will be released around the summer of 2020. It will be short, lacking most game mechanics, but it's a start.



And some NSFW stuff :D






This kind of quality and creativity takes a lot of time. The development is slow, even though I have a couple of freelancers who help me occasionally.

The game targets PC & VR platforms and is built using UE4. I am making a great effort to keep FPS at reasonable levels; however, I don't expect the game to run smoothly on 15-year-old laptops. That's a trade-off for modern graphics.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you around

If you like what you see, feel free to follow me on Twitter or even take a look at my Patreon page.

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6 hours ago, -Player1- said:

Hmm, seems promising - Tho Fallout 76 did too.


Get the demo going so that we can see what's it all about and if we should start supporting you.

I wish you the best of luck.

Yep, working on the demo. The plan is to publish it during this summer :)


By the way, the images in my post aren't displayed correctly, and I can't find a way to edit my post. Can anyone suggest how can I fix this issue?

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So, while "Drifter Prince" is a highly NSFW game, I spend a lot of time and effort on the story and lore. I am trying to make SFW elements of the game to be as strong as NSFW. To facilitate this, I would like to post some SFW images and short characters' bios.






And while we are at it, here's our MC :)






By the way, I've made a subreddit for the game. It is still very small, but I'll be adding content as soon as I can.

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Teasing something new ^^ There is a gif version of this image.


Meanwhile, I've made a new website for the game. It is just a landing page that also allows you to subscribe to the Newsletter. Doing it will enable you to receive infrequent yet important updates. Be among the first to learn the Alpha build's release date

P.S. If you don't see confirmation mail right away, be sure to check your Spam folder. It sometimes goes there.


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Hey, everyone. I finally made a Trailer for the game. It is a significant milestone on the way to the first Alpha build because I feel I finally have some tangible product in my hands. The video is far from perfect, but I am quite proud of all the progress we've made so far.
When I first started talking publicly about the game in August '19, I had a little bit of art made and a general idea for the story. Today we have almost fully working demo that actually looks like a game. A simple one, mind you, but it's a start. A humble beginning.
I want to thank everyone who supported and continues to support me on this journey; it helps to move forward even if I feel down (and we all feel down sometimes).

If you want to follow the development of the game more closely, consider following me on Twitter.


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looks quite promising, the character models look really good, hopefully the animations will be just as good. I assume you still have a lot of stuff to do on the game it self, i really hope that it comes out soon, and also that it comes to steam. Keep up the great work, and i wish you luck and success.

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43 minutes ago, UmbiCs said:

looks quite promising, the character models look really good, hopefully the animations will be just as good. I assume you still have a lot of stuff to do on the game it self, i really hope that it comes out soon, and also that it comes to steam. Keep up the great work, and i wish you luck and success.

Thanks for the kind words :)


We definitely still have to do a lot of work on the game. At this moment we are wrapping up the foundation of the game: basic game mechanics, first bits of the story, menus, options, etc. Having the foundation finished, we will have a product that works like an actual game and has all the stuff you expect from a game. For example, an ability to customize keybindings. This is what the first Alpha will be.


Once we have all of this, we will be able to focus our efforts and improve certain elements of the game. The first on the list is an advanced loot system :)

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Hey, everyone! I've made a small gameplay teaser of our adult game Drifter Prince. As the Prologue / Demo is already on the horizon, I find it fitting to let you guys get a sneak peek at what's coming :) Everything is WIP, of course, because this is from an early alpha version. Still, we are continually working to improve it. As usual, for more news, you can follow the project on Twitter.

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On 4/27/2020 at 2:39 PM, -Player1- said:

Hmm, seems promising - Tho Fallout 76 did too.


Get the demo going so that we can see what's it all about and if we should start supporting you.

I wish you the best of luck.

Fallout 76 did not seem promising at any point.


Keep up the good work OP, the models look nice.

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Hey, I've been doing a lot of R&D lately, thought I'd also share here :) Everything you see here was captured in Unreal in realtime just like you would see it in the game.


Before I start working on a first "real" monster girl character, I had to be sure I can make good looking fur. Drifter Prince has particular quality standards, which means if I was to fail in this, I'd discard the character idea. However, I think I've found a lovely fur solution, so the character will go into full production! :)


Here you can see a very early and rough proof of concept:



The fur is really hard to get right. Do you know what else is hard to get right? Cumshots. I've spent quite some time searching for a solution, doing various tests... It seems I am on the right track.




Please, follow the link to see the video of the simulation. Couldn't post in on Youtube, because - you know - tits.


Right now, the simulation looks like chocolate meets latex, but in the future, I will use the fluid simulation system to simulate cumshots, which then will be imported to unreal as a geometry cache.


Disclaimer: all of this is basically research and proof of concept. It means I know how to make good shit, and I have the tech required, but it is a long way from a finished product.

I still have a lot of work ahead before the fur and the simulation will be implemented in the game, so please curb your expectations for the Demo - it will be kind of basic. I don't want to lie and mislead people only to get a disappointed crowd.

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Hello, everyone!

I am here to announce Drifter Prince Prologue / Demo release!


I've decided to share the Demo / Prologue with everyone for free without hiding anything behind a paywall. I would like to build trust between the players and us, and this is our first move. Current build features at least 40 mins. of gameplay, including a substantial chunk of story and two sex scenes with more than 15 high-quality 3d animations.


Our vision for Drifter Prince is to create an adult game that lets the players explore their sexuality with a wide range of monstergirl partners. We believe this is truly possible only when done in a high-quality realtime 3d featuring carefully crafted hand-made animation. This version of the game lets you romance only a human partner, but the new girls will be a lot more exotic, just you wait.


The Prologue / Demo features:

    • Full first episode - the Prologue - with at least 40 mins. of story and gameplay. Sex scenes can be replayed, adding more game time.

    • Cinematic sex scenes with multiple viewing angles / cameras (each has its own unique behavior) and complex lighting solution.

    • 2 fully animated sex scenes featuring over 15 erotic poses and sex positions. The first girl is human, but the next one will be something special. Quote me on that.

    • 2 big levels you can visit for exploration and resource gathering.

    • World map with the foundation of the resource management system.

    • Solid optimization and high FPS. We've spent countless hours making sure the game runs as fast as possible. 

    • Nothing is hidden behind a paywall. You get everything we have so far.


FREE DOWNLOAD (an public Patreon post with all download links)


P.S. Don't forget to join our Discord ff you have questions or just want to talk :)

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Hey, everyone! I have a significant update to share.

After the initial Demo release, I have received plenty of feedback with some gems of useful criticism. I've given it a lot of thought and decided to make some fundamental adjustments to how the game feels and plays.

I have also realized the project is not a good fit for the Patreon business model, where people expect frequent updates. Some of you have commented on how good the graphics, the optimization, the girl, and the animations are. But all of this takes a massive amount of time to make. For example, adding one new character to the game may take 2 to 3 months of work (modelling + texturing + rigging + animating + setup in the engine).

Having to make the changes to the core gameplay, I won't be able to keep up the pace to meet the expectations. It brings me to the biggest change I will make.

The game will be tailored to Steam instead of Patreon, which will be paused and eventually closed. I feel it is not fair to keep the Patreon running while I can't provide substantial regular updates.

Everyone who has supported me will be getting a Steam key once the project launches. The keys will be emailed to all past and present Patrons.

Drifter Prince will evolve into a short yet exciting experience. I was mistaken in trying to water down the game to be able to provide more playtime. The game will work a lot better as an interactive experience with a maximum of 2-4 hours of playtime.

From now on I will mainly use Twitter to share all the news, come join me

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