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Adds 14 variants of the South Korean pro gamer's attire. 
7 Open suits


7 Classic suits

Installation is simple. 


>Drop files into the data folder.

>Build in Outfitstudio

>Enable the mod in manager of choice.

>Craft at any chemistry station > D.va Outfits


Don't be afraid to contact me.








SunJeong for originally converting these meshes to Fallout 4.
I just added the TWB options, extra skins and made some tweaks to the material and mesh shape, as some of the spots were a bit dodgy. 

Oooh, I also added glowmaps!

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It's a fullset, or it's modular? I mean, can I remove the headset if I want to?

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7 hours ago, Verasmile2 said:

It's a fullset, or it's modular? I mean, can I remove the headset if I want to?

Yes, it's modular.
You're not forced to wear the headset.

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Grabbed solely for the headset, cause finding "Heavens lost property" angeloid style anime robot ears is harder then I thought it would have been, don't even care if I gota decide to wear it over the DBZ scouter (mostly cause I suck at modding & don't wanna fuck up anything trying to code it to wear both, unless its already allowed... in which case booyah)

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14 hours ago, rickyking01 said:

heyy Konata cool armor thank you, btw do you like fusion girl

Fusion Girl isn't bad IMO, I just prefer CBBE as it's compatibility is so much more common,  plus TWB is another reason I stick with it.

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I'm having an issue with the Taegeukgi "normal" suit. I'm using all the variants, giving to all my companions a different one.

And this one doesn't show correctly, as it uses the "basic" D.Va's colors instead of the Taegeukgi one.

But the "open" suit haves the correct colors, so it's only the "normal" one that got the incorrect ones.

Any idea on how to fix it? I've already checked via Bodyslide but the only color it shows is the "classic suit" one.

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