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How do you disable Animated Woohoo overlapping with Passion?

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I was able to find these two links below in the forums. One is the latest version of Passion, and the other is a version of animated woohoo that contained:


  • extra sim detail while nude (nipples, butts etc...)
  • NRaas Master Controller,
  • and hundreds of animations,
  • and Tuning Sliders for Sims,


The problem is, I can't find a way to just keep the animations and the extra sim detail for Passion without having animated woohoo options simultaneously. Whenever I click on my Sim I can see both Passion settings and Animated Woohoo settings. I can't tell if the moodlets from both and other setting are being applied together or not. There are some setting I rather not have, while other's that I'd prefer, mostly from Passion. However I don't want the setting from AW to overlap or affect Passion. 


How can I get rid of the Animated Woohoo setting and only use Passion without crashing my game? Do I just have to download all these mods manually or is there another pack that contains the stuff without Animated Woohoo?


Here are the Links where I got the Downloads:


SubmittedSeptember 19, 2019

UpdatedSeptember 25, 2019


^^^Since this is more recent I wanted to make sure that I download this one while having the options of Passion, not both.


SubmittedAugust 2, 2017

UpdatedMay 16, 2019




Conclusion: Any help on what combination of mods I need to download? I want these to be an aspect of the game but not the main point of it like KW. I also don't want to have too many settings that it slows my PC to a crawl like I've heard from those mods.


Thanks for any support!

animated woohoo.rar Animated_WooHoo_Passion_Ver2.7.4.2.zip

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I hesitated to post here as I don't use Passion -but- I do use NRaas mods, so maybe I can help a little.


First off: Animated Woohoo is a sex framework which preceded all the other popular sex mods for the Sims 3. Many of the same animations have been added to KinkyWorld and Passion, while these have increased animation options as well.


NRaas also has a mod called Woohooer and is part of the Master Controller suite of plug-ins for it. Woohooer has it's own Moodlets, Skills, and so forth. It was originally made to work with Sims 3 default, but integrates well with Animated Woohoo.


Many claim these interfere with KW although I have no experience with Passion, yet I have all 3 (KW/Woohooer/Animated Woohoo) loaded into my game. I did make some adjustments though, since I didn't need all three trying to do the same thing at certain times.


First off, I removed ALL animations from animated woohoo, so if it tries to start a sex session, it has no animations to play and ends immediately. I also changed settings in NRaas Woohooer so I could get certain benefits from it like the Kama Simtra bonuses and moodlets while making sure it didn't clash with KW. NRaas Woohooer has setting which KW doesn't have - like allowing teen skinny dipping, teen adult relationships, remove romance on kiss, etc.


It takes some time to get familiar with what each mod brings to the table, so one can tweak them properly and they play nice with each other instead of being brats and trying to take each others toys away.


>>>> To answer your direct question: Remove any animations from Animated Woohoo, and disable/change any setting which you feel interferes with your playstyle. Passion, like KW has it's own files for sex and won't be affected by Animated Woohoo not having any.


I hope this helps, or at least, gets you pointed in the right direction. If necessary, repost in the Passion thread, where other users have a good chance of seeing it.....

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On 4/21/2020 at 5:53 PM, Backwash said:

The problem is, I can't find a way to just keep the animations and the extra sim detail for Passion without having animated woohoo options simultaneously.

It looks like that rar file (AW) was a bundle that mod creator created to be of some help to newbies, instead of being like newer mod devs (prob b/c the other creators object strongly to having their work included directly... but I digress).  Which is why there's less in the Passion download file, but a ton of links in the 1st 3 posts for that mod, most of which are needed to be downloaded.  There's (IIRC) a lot of overlap in their requirements, because Passion is really a fork* of AW.


It looks like, and if I'm understanding your desire correctly (only wanting Passion, not AW, but if you delete all of the parts of what is in the AW file, leaving only the few in the base Passion zip, then it doesn't work -- this would be b/c of the missing support files those 1st 3 posts in the Passion thread list out).


think if you just remove these highlighted (sorry if I missed a file or few) then it probably would get rid of the AW parts.  But if you go this route, not the downloading everything individually, you might not have the latest versions of the L666 animations, NRaas mods, Cmar items, etc. (although the dates look about right for most of them).  Just something to keep in mind.




* fork, copy of the original project but then changes included by (often) other developers, sometimes because the original developer decided to abandon the project.

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