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Bondage/BDSM Roleplay Animations by bobahloo

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+3 Animations for Roleplay and Bondage Packs early access at Patreon


1920546435_sinkyourtoungein.gif.b8fba13562eb2836806b3ffea319d542.gif   1567155354_retrainedtosink.gif.e24d8ef32d1078e20898c965bbc4a534.gif   834672957_showertaryconfinement.gif.75029ee591b6bc87f8edcb7e73633b94.gif


Sink Your Tongue In                                                  Restrained to Sink                                        Showertary Confinement 

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6 hours ago, Super anal fucker meiko said:

This is fantastic! It's great to be able to choose a variation of BOSM. You did a good job!

Thanks! Yea, I wanted to be able to simulate more aspects of the lifestyle, rather than just be jumping straight into wham bam thank you Ma'am.

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+5 Animations for Bondage Pack early access at Patreon


2002338234_waitinginchains_new.gif.a9a57e25ad2bbf960d3e16742e953396.gif  h_piggy_chains_gag_floor.gif.fb0d3a563858db843dd2c0caa96dbd50.gif counterBOTTOM.gif.9235c9d9da251696984fcff6bd8ee8b3.gif



New Versions:  Waiting in Chains, Waiting in Chains GAGGED                 

New Versions: Hogtied Piggy, Hogtied with Shackles GAGGED                 



LL Update Soon!!



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19 hours ago, korbe said:

i've been looking for whipping animations, hope there are some here.


i grabbed the whipping frame, hope thats it.



 The very first ones I did I wasn't happy with and never released them. But I've done a couple that have been released on Patreon that will be here eventually, and I will be making more.

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2 hours ago, bobahloo said:

 The very first ones I did I wasn't happy with and never released them. But I've done a couple that have been released on Patreon that will be here eventually, and I will be making more.

cool, looking forward to it, need to whip some asses!

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+3 Animations Bondage and Roleplay Pack and NEW CC  Cage Counters  early access at Patreon


94414578_HidetheSausage.gif.a5ba873cd280d3bc0f85bdf74c99f965.gif    Hide the Sausage

259560110_LockedandLoaded.gif.66e9e88959dbf7215b505fb11a65ea09.gif   Locked and Loaded             

  1136906335_CageCaptive1.gif.31a35db1391365b79ecf3e1ab11fbbe0.gif      Cage Captive 1(for new CC " Cage Counters")    previews



LL Update for animations and release of Discipline Pole CC Soon!

Sorry was meant to be today, been a hectic week. Will be this weekend or start of next week.

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+3 Animations for Bondage Pack early access Patreon


942329632_restrainedinchairS_BAR.gif.664643f4df7cab304e66466cd58df648.gif   1644845548_cagecaptive1_2_3.gif.1df464cc4498a14ac6f4f0f8758d83ff.gif


Restrained in Chair S_BAR                                                Cage Captive 1, 2 and 3(for bobahloo Cage Counters)



New Cage Counter Colors



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+7 Animations for Bondage and Roleplay Pack early access Patreon


146630971_analtrainingnewversions.gif.eaf77d404b0850e417d87eec2d92d80a.gif Anal Training(new versions- Male, Female, Gagged, Vibed)

1915879310_hangingwiththetwins.gif.96b872efdceb75f928f01b71c9b6a972.gif  Hanging with the Twins    35072896_ifyoumoveyoulose.gif.5eb736350bbfa8266b3f16bd65b760c7.gif If You Move You Lose


+ Looped version of Hide the Sausage for BDSM Roleplay Pack

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+5 Animations for BDSM Roleplay Pack early access Patreon


  194414654_herturngag_nogag.gif.1bc64553f231c632b2d8bcbded115be7.gif  1213186881_ourturn.gif.619d772791739030ee6b41ab21623725.gif

Her Turn/Her Turn GAGGED                                                                                              Our Turn/ Our Turn GAGGED


628553695_craneandcobra.gif.de047a6d747396524fe3a8921acde452.gif   The Crane and the Cobra


LL Update this weekend or early next week



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LL UPDATE     1-1-21    +7 Animations released form early access


Previews on the download page. Finally! Still having trouble with the site, but nothing compared to last week. Enjoy!



+4 Animations Bondage Pack early access Patreon


870129139_openandshutcase.gif.7ccafe6849e8481d29dfac3228be7327.gif      Open and Shut Case


chained.gif.7b009a1bf6ff8e0a39188a70cb1115ff.gif    1492511426_boundcaptive_new.gif.5c8fbbd1869210e25f40058c69b7c2e4.gif


    Chained/Chained GAGGED                                                                                               Bound Captive(new version)

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+4 Animations/Variations for both Packs early access at Patreon


2089956165_maximumoverviveleft_right.gif.13fc13746bb3043a4fe06d491f265614.gif   Maximum OverVibe LS and RS  67115253_NEWkeepingyouonyourtoesSW_MW.gif.bd86706f30c2a118dfb19040b1276847.gif 

                                                                                                                           Keeping You on Your Toes  S_Wall, M_Wall(new versions short and medium wall adjusted)

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