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SexLab Demanding Trainers

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Haven't used the CK in a while, so I can't say if this will work exactly, and I'm not sure if you're still updating this, but I was considering an implementation that could work with custom trainers.


In addition to the current edits to vanilla trainer topic infos, wouldn't it be possible to create a generic topic info, that matches all non-child, non-vanilla (through formlist with trainers for example) trainers, and put it at the top of the topic info stack? This way vanilla trainers get matched to the regular dialogues that are already in the mod, but any non-child trainer from a mod would match that new generic info, ask for sex and then pass back to their regular trainer dialogue.


edit: eeeh I forgot that the faction conditions etc are of course also on the regular trainer topic info, which would cause the topic info above to show up even if training isn't possible. Might still be combined with another dialogue to indicated that they "tricked" you, but I honestly don't know if that's even possible like that.

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The game's implementation of this is messy.  It works on individual actor IDs, to check for max training level and to give some trainers different responses.  A catch-all topic wouldn't check max training level (at least not nicely, up front), and all the existing trainer topics would have to be disabled so only the one would be available.  With its limitations, this mod won't reach a large audience, but players with a bit of editing skill can add custom trainers to their own copy of the mod.

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