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EggFactory Huan's Addon (Have Sex->Lay Egg)

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6 hours ago, General Neondaze said:

The Mod is scripts only. It will work as is.

Then maybe I'm doing something wrong, because I tried it as-is but no part of the mod worked, even on a new save on a debug profile. I'm guessing the scripts are just incompatible with SKSE.

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On 4/27/2021 at 2:22 AM, warfare56 said:

is there a way I can get an option for no egg laying for masturbation? It get annoying knowing you just impregnate yourself by masturbation


Good idea, never thought of that. I'll check it out when I have time.

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On 7/3/2021 at 4:17 AM, reilata said:

Managed to get this to work on SE by putting the scripts folder into another one named source. 
Since SE is a bit different there. 

What? It's so strange.

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I used this mod as-is and also tried formID conversion for Skyrim SE, and spent several hours.
Some functions worked for SE, and others didn't.


*Working ones

-Removal of 'Suspicious Egg' from player's inventory after giving birth, which prevents egg factory effect from re-applying right after giving birth. =1 birth event per each curse.

-Summon Monsters commands of control panel


*Not working ones

-Force lay eggs commands of control panel

-Egg impregnation by sex (not by collecting eggs from nests)

-Options regarding egg impregnation of MCM


I guess some scripts are not working well with SKSE64.

This mod greatly improves functionalities of original Egg Factory mod, and I hope this mod to become available for SE, since many skyrim players have moved on to SE.


Anyways, great work huan. I wish you all the best.

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Update: Unlike what I've mentioned above, all functions work just as intended with mod author's own SSE port, including MCM, control panel, impregnation by sex, everything!



I don't know why, but this Addon didn't work quite well with other ports.


By the way, for those who are having problems with 'Lay XXX Eggs' commands of control panel, the command does not work instantly.

In fact, it makes PC pregnant. In order to make PC lay eggs, you have to wait for some time or use 'Speed Up Laying' command of control panel repeatedly.

Each time I used the command, PC's belly slowly grew bigger. It took 3 or 4 times to actually make PC lay eggs.


If you are using 3BA body, pregnant belly looks weird by default setting. Use 'Racemenu' setting instead of 'NIO' in Egg Factory MCM(Not addon!), then it will be just fine.


I hope this information helps someone who are having problems getting this mod work for SSE, just like me.

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found a bug, as of egg factory version 3.6 (which is the version i also installed this mod), since it had added multiple slots for multiple people to be impregnated, you can end up impregnating yourself more than once, too many and the game will just seemingly never stop with the "you have to push" notification, with nothing coming out, as it doesnt check if you are already pregnant (perhaps use the same method as the "midwife's Intuition" spell to check if the player is already pregnant? if so, don't impregnate again when sex ends)


EDIT: After further testing, it's likely a result of script lag, due to that version of egg factory allowing any single actor (including the player) the ability to be impregnated with more than 1 egg at a time.

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