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Vanessa Williams

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My name is deadlyduel. I have been playing Sims 4 from time to time. Of course! I've enjoyed it with all the mods.

My previews CAS,
Lorraine Chang starting to gain a lot of downloads and view lately. due to multiple tags I guess.. so I decide to give another one. 


Vanessa Williams

So.. who is she...

Single woman who is egocentric, hot-headed, and self-centered. she has multiple ex-boyfriend due to not only her character but also gold digging/stealing her ex's bank account.
Even she doesn't care about it.. she somehow end up becoming lonely and horny where she end up having wet dreams and even sleep-masterbating. Apparently her curse and karma you would say. She does go on parties and works at _______(whatever you guys want to add). 

her physical appearance. I aim on balanced body with solid bust where "its big but not too big" kind of way of saying it. She did adapt from Life is Strange's Victoria Chase in terms of hairstyle appearance and while the rest is pretty much me using improvise and creativity.

Their will be more girls coming soon. so please sub on me profile. Thanks for reading, Loverslab Community.

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    WickedWhims and Updated The Sims 4


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