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32 minutes ago, daisen said:

Great Job! I really like it.


BTW, I have an question.

HI-METAL skin and your "Happy Summer Festival" with Tan,

Kokoro's Breast Tan Line looks like this. How can I fix it ?


DOAX_VV 2020-04-20 23-32-39.jpg

Tell you what. Try this. take the files in this attachment and use them to replace the files in the mod folder. If this doesn't work, then i am not sure what to tell you.

Koko edited bod.zip

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3 minutes ago, daisen said:

Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately Tan Line doesn't fix.


So I'll try other Tan files for solution.

DOAX_VV 2020-04-22 00-39-55.jpg

Sorry about that. Every time I try to remove double vertices in blender, this stuff still sticks around. i think I may know what to do in order to fix that.

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On 8/3/2020 at 7:42 PM, Biggie123987 said:

can u show me a screenshot?

oh sorry for the late reply , i solved already

needed to use the simple hi-metal texture , not the newest one that have alternate types of pubic hairs and nipple sizes.

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