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whats up! getting straight to it, this is a bulge slider for male sims only! the slider is on the thighs (NOT THE HIPS), just slide up to enhance the bulge. that's it. the slider shows up on most clothes, cc & ea, but can disappear depending on the creator's mesh. if the slider does not work, you might have a slider that already replaces the thigh area. check. i hope you enjoy and please consider becoming a patreon to support my work and help me out during these trying times! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for all the love! stay safe out there!





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I think the Bulge needs a much wider or more "stretched out" range. Like all the different Boob size slider mods either modestly bigger as you push it to the max or almost flat...to the other ones changing to HUGE EE cup even when you are slowly sliding it. You Probably don't need to go that extreme but a bigger bulge slider would make it visible in way more clothes... and if it seems unnaturally BIG on some, you just shrink it on those... I guess, I can't mod or code for shit but I think you get the idea. Thanks.

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