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Looking for Yennefer armor port

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He uploaded the picture 02 October 2015
He has not released it
He was last active 18 Feb 2017 at nexus.
So you will not get the clothes/armor.


You have to do it yourself.
Get the armor  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69007/
Convert the skyrim armor to Oblivion (I can not do it, I tried to use blender a couple of times, but to no avail. Or I am too stupid to use it. )


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 Hi Feejeena , glad to see you still are here after all these years .


 It's a long time a didn't  anything , and yes i can't recognize some works done with Blender ( 2-49b but version portable ) and most of all i have not idea how i was able to realise that ( most for Skyrim but also some convertion from Skyrim to Oblivion ) .


And seriously : are you still really thing  " you are too stupid to use Blender "  ( i only known the version 2.49b ... and i'm too lazy to learn the last one ... )  ... ;°) ... i cannot believe that .


So , i 've just created a new account ( Loukiana2020 ) at Nexus , just because i cannot access my old Email adress ( Yahoo ) because i was out of the Web for a too long time ... ( sorry for my English , but i i didn't wrote anything in English since a long time ...  maybe five or six years ?


Well i just created my new Nexus 's account to get these " Witcher Outfit's "  and i 'll try to convert them ( or only the one asked by AmariSniper  ) .

I need a few days , firstly because i need to réinstall Oblivion on this old computer ( still the same since 2010 ... but enought for Oblivion or Skyrim ( just Skyrim, i don't have the LE or SE edition ) .


It's not a promise but i 'll try to do this .


There is a  " little  problem"  : about the permissions !

I have no idea on how to get these permissions from CDProject and i don't want to be banned a few days after i 've created my new  Nexus account . I suppose everyone can understand this fact , isn'it ?


Cheers and take care of you .



PS : @ AmariSniper  : for wich Oblivion Body ? The last i used was the one from Gooboo ( based on Skyrim UNPK body ) but i suppose you use another one ?


Just one thing : i will not convert for a  lowerbody based on Coronera Skeleton , because the feet are not " standard " , so choose one with a "standard lowerlody " and Feet .


And if you desrire a special bouncing effect , just ask , that's something easy to to after the convertion with Blender ( 2-49 b) or simply with Gerra's Converting Tools .

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On ‎6‎/‎16‎/‎2020 at 11:30 PM, fejeena said:

Welcome back !


Yes I still use other people to do  the Blender work.   Easy, no stress, no hours of learning ...   :classic_wink:




 By  the way , just because i'm looking for some meshes ( but from mods " free to use" ) i already have on this old computer , i found one Chakaru11 's version of the Witcher 3 ... it's not the one from Skyrim but something close . there are two files  done for this one , the second is  " Witcher Dresses BBB RHH-46510-1-0.7z " ...


Here the old 's Nexus adress ( december 2015 ... that's probably the last time i went on the Web ... just  for a short moment ) .




If needed i can send you the files by PM ... as i said , i've created a new account " on that site over there " thwo days ago , and i don't want any problem ... so soon .  ;°)


Thats why i will not post the files directly here , on this section .




PS : the actual valid adress : the mod is still there .



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Hello, I'm also still searching for Yen's black outfit (not the dress). Even tried to master Blender, but the process froze when I was trying to merge the body with the mesh.
If anyone can help or point in the right direction, that would be much appreciated!  

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